Can You Stand Your Ground?, Evans Olang

John 9:1-41, Vs. 33, “…If this Man were not from God, He could do nothing.”

Jesus was in a town where He met another blind man. Every account of miracle Jesus performed always pointed to a bigger picture with spiritual lesson behind the miracles. A number had questioned the reasons behind this man’s blindness as if to show that sin was the cause. They questioned if it was his or his parents sins the reason he was born blind. The Lord’s response, “it’s not because of any of their sins but that the work of the Lord might be revealed”. Many are condemning themselves right now because of what they believe they did, the reason they are dealing with difficult times. Part of it could be true, but do you know that Jesus does not bless us on the merit of what we have done, He does it on the basis of what who He is, what He can do and has done. That is the story of this blind man.

We then see how Jesus spat on the ground, made clay and anointed the blind man’s eyes and then asked him to go and wash at the pool of Siloam. Is this not amazing that the Lord can use what is despised to get the job done? That whatever is despised, if it is in His hands, He can do extra ordinary things out of the ordinary. We also take a notice that He does not ask any one for permission to do it, not even consult with His disciples. When God begins to bless you, He will not seek any man’s input or approval, He will do it because He has chosen to.

The man was sent down probably by himself to go and wash his eyes. Another amazing thing, when the Lord begins to do something in your life, He will ask you to do the impossible because He has already made impossible possible. Remember this man is blind and to make matters worse, he has heavy clay in his eyes and yet he is told to find his way to the pool. God will guide His children in right direction to the right place without them even knowing how to get there and without them interfering with His plans.

So the man went and did he is instructed and he came back seeing. The experience humbled him to do what we would call silly. God uses the smallest things to confound the biggest things that many may know that He can do anything at any time by any means. The man who had just received his sight came back rejoicing and I would think that everyone would be happy for him, that was not the case. I have discovered that when God begins to bless and raise you, you will discover that you do not have a problem with God but you have a problem with people because people have a problem with you being blessed. As long as this man was blind, everyone was okay with his condition but the moment he gained his sight, his blessings became an issue. This man could not stop testifying of what the Lord had done in his life. The more he testified, the more they were against him. When God begins to raise you, you have to rise up even if you are by yourself. Your destiny is not determined by someone else’ actions, it is for you and I to forget those things behind us and press on forward. Your hope and my hope should be built on NOTHING LESS THAN JESUS. Do not forfeit your blessings just because someone does not like it. Give God all the glory, praise Him, testify, let people know what the Lord has done and is doing in the midst of all the criticism.

When they continued to question the man about his healing and even suggested that the One who have healed him was a sinner and a nobody, the once upon a time blind man’s faith could not be shaken. His testimony, “…If this Man were not from God, He could do nothing…”. Can you stand your ground through it all and refuse to change your story, the truth everyone is fighting?, stand up for Jesus, blessings Ev


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