FAQs & Resources

Q. How did you come up with the title “He Has Magnified His Word”?

A. http://wp.me/p2T0dY-oq

Q. What Bible Version do you commonly use?

A. We mostly use NKJV: http://www.biblegateway.com

Q. Which are some of your top favorite messages preached by others?

A.  Below is my list

  • Ten shekels and a Shirt, Paris Reidhead, 1963
  • If You Agree, Paris Reidhead
  • So Great Salvation, Paris Reidhead
  • The right use of the Law, Paris Reidhead
  • Except You repent, Paris Reidhead
  • God is for God, Matt Chandler
  • The Supremacy of Christ in Truth in a Postmodern World, Voddie Baucham
  • What Is The Gospel?, Voddie Baucham
  • Lest we drift, Gregg Johnson
  • Are Pitching Your tent towards Sodom?, Gregg Johnson
  • Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Ray Comfort
  • True and False Conversion , Ray Comfort
  • Why I Choose to Believe the Bible, Voddie Baucham
  • Ten Indictments of the modern church, Paul Washer
  • Jesus among other gods, Ravi Zacharias
  • What is wrong with the gospel?, Keith Green
  • Charismatic Itch, David Wilkerson

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