Fav Posts

1. The Best Is Yet To come, Series

2. Lord Teach Us To Pray, series

3. Beware Of Toxic Gospel, Series

4. With This CaRing

5. Please Pray For Me

6. Love Does not Exclude Truth

7. Make The Lord Your Trust

8. The Principles Of Blessed Relationship, series

9. The Testimony Of God

10. He Has Magnified His Word

11. Psalm 23: The Divine Shepherd, series

12. Justification By Faith

11. Romans Chapter 1 and 8, series

12. Biblical Manhood, series

13. Standing Strong On Bended Knees, series

14. Prayer Is The Nucleus

15. Joy In Remembrance

16. Joy In Christ Being Preached

17. Power To Heal

18. Who Is In Control?

19. My Eyes Sees You

20. Victory Is Not In The Miracle

21. We Fast Because He Is Worthy

22. Falling Back On Dead Things

23. Light Without Heat, 2 parts

24. Subtle works of satan, 3 parts

25. What must I do to be saved, 2 parts

26. Wisdom is my defense

27. Honesty In The Face Of Confusion

28. Following Jesus, On His Terms

29. Prefer His Ways

30. Mighty in God

31. The Purpose Of His Star

32. Lest we lose focus

33. Blessings of Abraham

34. Commend It To God’s Care

35. You Can’t Take My Character

36. When We Complicate Faith For Nothing

37. Effective praying, 4 part

38. Can you see the big picture, 2 part

39. Increase Our Faith

40. Zealous for God series

41. Confronting Sons Of Thunder Mentality

42. Speak The Same Thing,  2 parts

43. God’s glory in marriage 3 parts

44. Marriage is God’s divine plan 5 parts

45. This is the will of God

46. Casting down imaginations

47. Seasons Change, God Remains The Same,

48. The God Who Sees

49. Who Is Worthy?

50. Preparation For The Young And Inexperienced

51. The True Asset You Need

52. Perfect Peace

53. Confronting Sons Of Thunder Mentality

54. We rejoice over…

55. Identified with the despised Christ series

56. Render your heart

57.  Orpah at crossroad

58. Naomi at crossroad

59. Ruth at crossroad

60. Light without heat series

61. Show me your glory series

62. John 3 Studies

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