Here are some testimonies from our subscribers:

In Response to message: Nothing Is Impossible… “Thanks for this encouraging mail.  Yesterday I was low in my spirit and was feeling some sought of insecurity within me.  Although I encouraged few people yesterday, deep down i was feeling low.

Today’s message has really given me a boost.  I thank and praise God for your ministry. God bless you and the ministry.” 

 “We are in Canada, as you know there is watch night service in this country, all along when i was in India, my parents made it a point that what may come we have to be in the church on 31st first night.
I realized it when i and my family was alone in Canada, so I gathered all the Christians who had immigrated to India, and never had such kind of fellowship on 31st night, so I had initially praise and worship, testimony time and later I had shared your message, which was good encouragement and good beginning, appreciate your support and God bless you abundantly and use you to his Glory.”

 In Response to message: Be A Barnabas , “I am so much in awe of the Holy Spirit that works in each of us. You will not believe the word you’ve shared today was shared with us by our Pastor couple of weeks ago in our church. He too picked up the encouraging trait of Barnabas who was always there to let people grow. I strongly believe it is the same Holy Spirit that is at work.I praise God for you and for the Spirit of God. May the Holy Spirit continue to sweep across the oceans the same truth.” 

In Response to message: I Labored For Rachel, “First let me thank God and people like you who make a huge difference in lives of others, through their insights and experiences with the living God who is so real and personal that it just blows me off when I think about his love and forgiveness which in true senses hands down I don’t deserve at all. But bible says it is not I but HE who has chosen me even before I was formed in my mothers womb. Your devotion has really blessed me personally for difference reasons, of late Gods been dealing with me about people who comes into our lives to fulfill his purpose and will and suddenly its time for them to walk away for good. I been upset with God over the years cause the girl with whom I was in relationship was not really sure to marry me. But today when I look back why he did not allow me to marry her I fall on my knees cause he knew exactly that we were not made for each other it was good for both of us to part ways. Since then God been good and faithful to me in thick and thin.”

 In Response to message: You Are Your Own Best Encourager, Part 2, “The two messages. on “You Are Your Own Best Encourager”  – have been a real encouraging messages to me.  I’ve faced a lot of heartache and agony within and was crying to God and was just looking up to God to speak to me.  I thank and praise God for giving me such wonderful message through you .I cherish every word of the message and feel so encouraged and I am back to normal in my spirit for the Glory of God.  I thank God for you And your ministry. I am sure many are being touched by your spirit filled messages. May God bless your ministry abundantly”

 In Response to message: Ambassadors For Christ, “You are always in my prayers and you have been a great blessing to me in my spiritual walk. I daily look forward to read your emails waiting to hear from God through you and believe me, I’ve never been discouraged. I pray that the Lord’s outstretched arm be always over you and protect you and build you up with his anointing spirit more and more.” 

 In Response to message: Daring Faith Part 1, “I’ve been receiving your devotional emails for a long time now. But I must confess, I haven’t read them all the time. But for the past few days, I’ve been reading these devotionals everyday and they’ve been so nourishing spiritually. I want to thank you for sending this particular devotional. The part about being satisfied with the bread crumbs when the Lord called me to have bread – this is has been speaking to me so much. It makes me feel that I’ve been like a dog in God’s family just thriving on the petty things like bread crumbs when He called me to be His daughter. I am exactly sure how I can transform into His daughter who seeks the complete bread but I am praying that the Lord would do just that in me and take me newer things in my life – away from complacency and all the petty and trivial matters to something big for the glory of His Name. Thank you for doing what you do. You’re a blessing! May He bless you even more take you to newer heights in Him

“Praise God for using you thus far, you have been so faithful in this ministry and I know so many are blessed, with the word, I have been encouraged so many times, and have been receiving the word for the last 7 years 🙂 your journey seems to have just begun, when you are faithful with small things the Lord brings big things, Praise God for HE will bring in new beginnings in your life this year, God use you and your wife mightily this year and the years to come.”

 In Response to message: Power To Overcome, “I have been struggling with trying to live righteously and I have been finding that as I see more of my weaknesses I am discouraged that I ought to be a new creation and hence leave aside my old ways e.g. getting angry….and then I feel bad that I am reading the word of God in the morning and in the afternoon unable to follow it through and apply it (e.g. reading Hebrews 11 on Faith, and finding that I am unable to stand firm in faith, after reading about it and after having seen God do so many mighty and impossible things recently in my life!!) This message was very encouraging because it helped to solidify these ideas more concretely from God’s word…and also because it was so encouraging to think and understand more clearly, the Power of God to Overcome not only stumbling blocks in situations/life…but more so the battles that I would face daily in the way I am behaving /reacting/acting….it also encouraged me that it is okay to be in a battle…and in fact as your message says, almost a ‘nice’ thing…because that way, God will teach us something through the process…and we have to be In the battle, before we can see God bring the victory….for us…I just want to thank you 🙂 may God continue to minister intimately to you, meet all your needs, be your strongest encourager…and continue to bless you with His peace…its awesome, that you say often that you are unable to find enough time to prepare your messages, but that they always seem so powerful, detailed, well structured and well rooted in God’s word! Praise God and may you always stay encouraged in Him! God bless you!”

 “Hi, You probably don’t know me, but I receive your messages sharing God’s word…. I come from a Hindu background, and I had been grappling with various issues and wondering what the Truth really is..and there were points of great confusion and despair when I would think, ‘it is time to reject Christianity and any Christian influence in my life because I am getting unduly confused and not really ‘leading’ anywhere.’

In one such fit of despair, I remember deleting most of the messages I had from you because they were too ‘Christian’.

In Response to Message Title:  It’s About The Cross, But praise God, because He has been ever patient and loving and not forsaken me in my journey – I came to Christ on 6th of December this year, and I have been exceedingly BLESSED by your messages (since the day that I actually deleted them!! and started reading them only to say, they are ‘too Christian and confusing’). There have been many times that I have felt really encouraged by reading what you have sent, or really learnt something new, or else said, ‘Yes Yes that is how it is!’…and I praise God and I really Thank you for the way you are ministering so faithfully to us.” 

 “Your daily msgs have reached so many friends and relatives of mine across India and they in turn keep sharing the same in the Bible Study sessions for the elders as well as children.  In case I miss sending a single msg I get reminders from all of them. Messages are being printed, bound and kept for reading it over and over again.” (Daily Morning Devotions 6th Anniversary (02/27/2008)

 “I have a huge testimony after I started receiving these daily words (I call them Evan’s daily words in my file!).

In Response to Message Title:  Control Center, We Have A Problem, Since I left my job, my husband and I have been dealing with huge financial’s difficulties, and on top of that we need to move out of this house by the beginning of April..with no money for the security deposit and all. I’ve been praying and praying and dialing God’s number every second of the day.  But it wasn’t until I felt that peace in my heart (after fasting for almost 3 days in a row) that I rec’d HIS answer…alleluia!   HIS answer not only came from one way, but 3 different ones…AMEN…Oh,  the Lord is just so wonderful…His peace is still with me, carrying me, holding me…to compensate for all those days that I was agonizing with worries; for those days that I  was just asking, asking and not listening to His words to calm down and wait that I will receive….I DID!, I DID! Amen…please keep those daily words coming, the Lord spoke to me today through you.”  “In my 20+ years of parenting I have found some old advice to be the best.  The pastor who married us always told us to make sure that your family is your #1 ministry.  It doesn’t matter what you do in your church, your family must come before it.

In response to message title:  My Care Are His Cares, Part 1, “It’s not over until God says it’s over!” ( “Great confirmation to what God has been speaking to me.” 

In Response to Message Title:  Don’t Let Go Off My Hand, Part 1,  “I am facing some major life decisions right now and dont know which way to go.  In all the busyness of life I somehow feel like I have drifted back and am lost once again.  I want God to be first in my life again more than anything but am struggling to find the way back.  This devotion couldnt have come at a better time for me.  God bless you and thank you for your faithfulness to God and preaching His word.  I pray you are blessed and your family as well.”

 In Response to Message Title:  And God Saw…“I am so blessed and encouraged by this mesg. Its awesome.  The godly relevation is simply wonderful. There are many youth epecially girls in our families/society,  to get married and who are frantically searching for a right partner,  I am sure this mesg. will definetely  encourage our dear ones and help them relax and wait for the person whom God is preparing.” 

 In Response to Message Title:  Shield Of Defense Is Present,  “This blessed me today.  Thank you.”

In response to message title:  Licensed To Operate, “GOD Bless you Evans. May the Holy Spirit reveal to you the Mysteries of the WORD. Thank you for the daily Manna”.

In Response to Message Title:  Take It To The Lord In Prayer, “The message is truly amazing!! It is so true, we need to “Stop covering up what you are going through or trying to fix it in your own strength, like Hezekiah, take it to the Lord in prayer and spread it out as it is.” Praise be to Him. Thank you for your prayers and I thank everybody else also for their prayers..”

“I thank god for answering our prayers, I thank you and all the devotion team who have prayed… She has been discharged from the hospital last night and now she is better. I praise god for the miracle.” (Prayer request)

In Response to Message Title:  When He Calls Me, Part 4,“Appreciate ur support and God Bless you, As i mentioned earlier, I am using ur Messages in our Bible Study here in Canada. Its been a blessing”.

In Response to Message Title:  When He Calls Me, Part 4, “I work in India. I would like to be added in your daily Devotion list. Please do add my name. The messages are very inspiring & helps me grow more closer with God.  Looking forward to recieve your messages. May God Bless you & your family for the wonderful work your doing. May all Glory belong to our Lord Jesus Christ.”  (“Thank you – I can say that God lead you to write this for someone like me who needs a restoration.” 

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