Strength To Go On, Evans Olang

Psalm 30:5, “… Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning”

I’ve been to a few graduations of course including mine. Graduations tend to be one of those happy times seeing someone graduating, surrounded by family and friends. Because it’s a joyous day, you will not find anyone in such occasions sad. But go back to what led to this occasion and find a lot of hard work, sleepless nights working on unending projects, writing reports, researching, studying etc., There were times of feeling like giving up but still endured to make it till the end. A goal was set and had to be worked towards. One thing that strikes me out of all these, the plan did not change for things to take place; one had to gain strength and confidence to work out the plan already executed.

How often do we hope that things will change when they get hard and complicated. We even pray for the Lord to move and change them. He has set the plan that you can see at the end of the tunnel but you hope that the burden will get easier for you to make it through. I am here to let you know that the Lord will not rearrange the process because it’s the process He is using to put you together. The process is the recipe to produce an end result. The Psalm I gave above says, “weeping may endure for a night“, hardship at times calls for weeping and its okay to weep, however it is not okay to allow the weeping to terminate the process that will lead you to your destination. It’s required to endure meaning to carry you through to continue in existence. So don’t pray for the rearrangement of the process, pray for the strength to endure the process. Night can be associated with loneliness, darkness, not seeing what lies ahead and believe me, it can be long. At times when it’s getting to dawn, it becomes even darker and colder, that reminds us of the students when they are about to graduate, more endurance is needed to study for the finals. It becomes hectic and hard but the student just can’t give up at dawn, their joy in the morning is just around the corner when they finish the finals and pass. They may endure alone in the night, but thank God it’s not forever.

The bible says in Psalm 126:5, “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy”, how that is so true and that is why we need God every day to give us strength to go on. It is hard and we all know for sure, however we need a bigger hand not to change what we are facing but give us the strength and grace to endure through the night. The endurance has a lot of lessons you cannot learn in a classroom. You have a greater testimony when you endure so whatever you are going through today, don’t ask God to change it, ask Him for strength to go on, your joy is about to come and you are about to reap too. Blessings Ev

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