But For A Moment, Part 1of2, Evans Olang

Esther 4:1-17, “9 The girl pleased him and won his favor.”(NIV).

I am a firm believer of kingdom principles. If you carefully look at how good things happen on a day to day basis, you can trace the attributes back to God’s kingdom principles applied knowingly or unknowingly. For today I would like to take a principal from the book of Esther and apply it to our day to day life. I had a different direction to go with the book but I am prompted to approach it from another angle.

If you look at an job ad or if someone tells you of an opening, there are things you look at such as, the job, the requirements, the benefits etc, then you decide if you are qualified for the job or not. We are told in the book of Esther that there was a job opening for the next queen. If you’ve read the book of Esther, you find that the queen’s position was vacant when queen Vashti disobeyed the king and was dropped from her position. For this reason, ad for the position was to find a beautiful young virgin, and the one who pleased the king would be the next queen. We see this in the first 4 verses and then the scripture switches to concentrate on someone by the name of Mordecai a Jew carried away captive from Jerusalem. He had a niece Esther whose parents died awhile ago and Mordecai took her as his daughter. Vs. 5. “…The young woman (Esther) was lovely and beautiful”. Mordecai heard about the ad and felt her niece was qualified for the job. Yes she was a slave girl, did not even deserve to be recognized yet that did stop her uncle. The kingdom principle teaches us that God has not put limitations in our lives, we are the ones who put limitations in what we can be or do. It’s our attitude that leads us to where we can go. The bible says, Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…”. How many leave defeated lives though qualified because they have chosen to limit themselves. Many will stand before God one day and be showed what they could have been but because they never believed in themselves through God, they missed a lot.

It’s one thing to have the qualifications, it’s another thing to be the man or woman right for the job. Vs. 8. “When the king’s order and edict had been proclaimed, many girls were brought to the citadel of Susa …. Esther also was taken ….. 9 The girl pleased him and won his favor.”(NIV). You know what fascinates me about this verse, many were called who had qualifications, only one was chosen. The beautiful slave girl. What made her different, she was able to sell herself. In job interviews, your qualifications allow you to be called for an interview, you now have to prove to the interviewer why you are the man or the woman for the job. You have to sell yourself. David before facing Goliath had to prove to Saul why he was the man for the job. At least for him he did not have the qualifications but still convinced the king by talking about his past successes. Remember the book of Esther has no name “God” in it but you can see the kingdom principles. You can go to an interview and not mention the name of God but apply the kingdom principles for you know who is backing you up in that interview. So many beautiful girls but one pleased the king and WON his favor. It does not say she found favor, no, she WON his favor. This to means she did something more than what the other girls did, she did sell herself through character, humility, hard work, charming, lovely. A slave girl encouraged to make one move and that changes her life completely, it was but for a moment for something this big to happen. To continue… Have you limited yourself? Have you ever thought about selling yourself? Blessings Ev

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