Abigail, Blessed Are You, Part 3of4, Evans Olang

1Samuel 25:2-42, “Then David said to Abigail: “Blessed is the LORD God of Israel, who sent you this day to meet me! And blessed is your advice and blessed are you, because you have kept me this day from coming to bloodshed and from avenging myself”

It’s interesting to note that God used this woman at a time she needed help the most. Have you realized how sometimes the Lord sends people your way who need your encouragement at the time you are very discouraged and need encouragement yourself? That when you have almost nothing, He sends someone not to add but for you give away the little you have. That when you need your spouse the most, it may turn out that they need you the most.

1Samuel 25:32, “Then David said to Abigail: “Blessed is the LORD God of Israel, who sent you this day to meet me! And blessed is your advice and blessed are you, because you have kept me this day from coming to bloodshed and from avenging myself”. David believed God sent her to him so he blessed the Lord, blessed her advice and called her blessed. She may have never been called “a blessed woman” or she may have never seen herself as blessed. Question, how can she be called blessed when her current situation does not suggest any blessings? simple, she is not blessed when she has it all together, she is blessed because she is in God’s will demonstrated in her character. She is better than her current situation but doesn’t act like she is. Just as she knows there are things that only God can fight for a person, she knows she is in the right hand. You may be facing challenges like Abigail and may even have an opportunity to do your spouse evil, this is the time to shine even more brighter in the midst of darkness. Defend, bless and pray for your companion, God is in control. He knows where you are and where you are going. Be faithful to your covenant and trust God with the rest. Along those lines, think about a difficult person you’ve worked with or a boss who frustrated you, instead of praying evil would befall them, let your light shine. Instead of trying to do things to make them quit, leave them in the hands of God.

I have come to learn that there are times you don’t need to fight for yourself, God will. I see this strengthened in 2Chronicles 20:20, “…believe in the Lord your God, so shall you be established…”. The word establish means, to bring about, to place or settle in a secure position and condition. It also means to be recognized and accepted. God establishes His people by fulfilling all these in their lives. You will agree with me of the times God fought for you when you couldn’t fight for yourself.

1Samuel 25:35, “So David received from her hand what she had brought to him, and said to her, “Go in peace to your house. See, I have heeded your voice and respected your person“. Abigail has had an experience of a life time, found favor before David, gave good advice, called blessed but where is she going? back to her evil husband. Even David knows she is better than this but what he has spoken in her life, God will not leave her in the same condition for long. Back home as a good wife, she waited for the right time when Nabal was sober to share what she had done and how God through her had spared her household. With wisdom, one of her qualities, she gives her testimony of doing the right thing. Instead of Nabal rejoicing over what God had done, his heart died over what he lost. vs. 38, “Then it happened, after about ten days, that the Lord struck Nabal, and he died”. No one was seeking harm on Nabal or get rid of him. His destiny was in God’s hands. God gave him several chances to see His goodness through David and Abigail but his attitude clouded his way. God is gracious, slow to anger. God fought for Abigail and David within days. Don’t be frustrated because God is not doing what you want Him to do or He is not doing it fast enough, He can either change the situation making it well by getting rid of old man (Nabal) spirit within and raise the spirit of David, a man after God’s heart may rise. He may also move something or someone and establish you without your help. All He requires is for you to be faithful till the end (not talking about faithfulness where there is abuse). The blessings is on faithfulness. God is more than able to accomplish what concerns us today, how He will do it? We don’t know, that is not for us to figure out, we just have to trust God who is in control. Our cares are in His ABLE hands. If no one calls you blessed, call yourself blessed right where you are. blessings Ev

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