You Have Enough To Work With, Evans Olang

Proverbs 24:16,”for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again,..” (NIV)

One of the most frustrating things is dealing with failures. There is no joy in knowing you have fallen or failed. Competitions have winners and losers, that is how it is set up. We cheer up for winners and we rejoice when we are winners but what do we do when we fall and or fail? You may be frustrated with yourself right now over failing to meet a deadline, or failing an exam, or failing to win what you hoped to win. What about failing to please the Lord with your life, fell in sin or sinned so bad again that you wondered if there was any more mercy left for you.

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God’s Purpose In Peter’s Failure, Zac Poonen

In Luke chapter 22 verse 31.We read of Jesus warning Peter of a danger that lay ahead of him. He told him “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat; but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail; and you, when once you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.” We all know that Peter denied the Lord three times that very night. In verse 34, we read that Jesus told Peter, “I say to you, Peter, the cock will not crow today until you have denied three times that you know Me.” Does God allow failure? Does He permit it? Is there a purpose in failure? Or is failure something that has no purpose at all in God’s perfect will and something that God cannot use to further his purposes! Continue reading

I Reported What Impacted Me, Part 4of4, Evans Olang

Matthew 26:7, “A woman came to Him having a lambasted flask of very costly fragrant oil…”

As I mentioned earlier, John tells us exactly who asked the question. John 12:4-5, “4 But one of His disciples, Judas Iscariot….said, 5 “Why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?” If you know the story of Judas, he was the man who betrayed Jesus. Jesus knew him all along but still allowed him in. He knew that he was a thief yet the money collection bag was entrusted in his hands. Question, did he really care for the poor? John says that he did not and it is also a clear indication that He did not care about Jesus receiving this kind of worship. Something to ponder on, didn’t Jesus know everything that was in the hearts of the people in that room? It was just a matter of time before the hidden would be revealed. True worship will always reveal what is inside and when revealed, either you deal with it or cover it up. Continue reading

I Reported What Impacted Me, Part 3of4, Evans Olang

Matthew 26:7, “A woman came to Him having a lambasted flask of very costly fragrant oil…”

The act of this woman was not rehearsed, practiced, or scripted worship, this was a decision made, action taken to worship Him holding nothing back.

Let us address a problem that arose while she worshiped. Matthew is very lenient, he brings all the disciples to the same level without pin pointing one person. Read what he says, “8 But His disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why waste? 9, “For this fragrant oil might have been sold for much and given to the poor”, Matthew 26:8-9. Continue reading

I Reported What Impacted Me, Part 2of4, Evans Olang

Matthew 26:7, “A woman came to Him having alabaster flask of very costly fragrant oil…”

All the four gospels say the woman came in with an alabaster flask of very costly spikenard. Mark adds, “…Then she broke the flask…”, Mark 14:3. This woman who John tells us is Mary teaches us what worship is all about. The fact that she broke the flask has a lot to say about worship. In church it is easy to be cool, calm, and collected, and by that I mean, it’s easy to control how you worship. That is like opening a flask and pouring the amount of oil you want to pour out and closing it back. You have the power to control what comes out. A broken person is like the flask (jar) with no time to control. Continue reading

I Reported What Impacted Me, Part 1of4, Evans Olang

Mark 14:3, “As He sat at the table, a woman came to him having an alabaster flask of very costly oil of spikenard.”

The four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John give as different accounts of events. Matthew and John were with Jesus as His disciples. Mark and Luke were not disciples however many scholars and theologians believe Mark’s account were provided to him by Apostle Peter. The four were impacted in different ways and you will see how they were each impacted by the account of their story. Though they all may have seen the same thing in reality or by narration, they did not report exactly the same way. Yes there are different accounts each of them give of certain incidents but there are some incidents that all of them did not report. Here is a classic case involving a woman who came to Jesus with an alabaster flask of very costly oil of spikenard. Continue reading

Who Is In Control? Evans Olang

Luke 22:30-32, “31 And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.”

A true worshiper of God constantly hungers to walk in His will. We often wrestle to know if we are acting in the flesh or led of the Spirit. We want to know who is standing on our way, God or Satan. We want to know who is in control. Many times we blame Satan, (give him too much credit) when things are not going right we read his mission, John 10:10, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…” His mission is not news to us, but is he the main issue? Continue reading

Have The Right Key, Evans Olang

Acts 10:1-43, “…send for Simon whose surname is Peter. …He will tell you what you must do”

We are in the Christmas season. This is the time we remember the birth of Christ, the Messiah, the Savior of the world. He came to this world in form of flesh and blood, humbling Himself as a little baby, born to a young teenage virgin, fathered by a carpenter. One would imagine a king born in royalty family, however we have a King born in an ordinary home, living an ordinary life but with a great destiny. He was not bound to remain a child forever, His mission on this earth had to be accomplished as a grown up Man dying on the cross for sins of the world. I know there are people who are still imagining Jesus as a little baby in a manger, and some are hoping He comes back the same way. Continue reading

Fishing Jesus’ Way, Pastor Phil Sessa

John 21:4-6, “Jn 4 Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus. Jn 21:5 He called out to them, “Friends, haven’t you any fish?” “No,” they answered. Jn 21:6 He said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish” Anyone can do a job or task for a little while, but to do it daily and consistently now there’s a challenge. When Jesus first started to call his disciples he interrupted their lives and he called the two sets of brothers and would make them fishers of men. Continue reading