Experiencing God, Benjamen Leahey

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Luke 2:25-35, vs. “28 he took Him up in his arms and blessed God…”

This short verse speaks to us of Simeon, whose brief story is told in verses 25-35. He was a just and devout man, waiting, the scriptures teach, for the consolation of Israel. He was waiting for the promised Messiah, having received the promise in himself that he would not see death until he saw the Lord’s Christ. His story is brief, but important, as he gives us a great example of an individual who sought for Christ, and received Christ. No one told Simeon who this child was; he saw Him and knew immediately, that this child was all he ever sought for, and all he ever desired. He was all his joy, the culmination of his life, all he had ever done paled in comparison to this one moment, when he saw Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »