His Process Accomplishes His Purpose, Evans Olang

Deuteronomy 2:1-4, “…You have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward” 


It’s easy to talk about trust and be led of God but when it comes to the actual action it becomes a little bit hard because of what we have trained ourselves to think of ourselves. I don’t know how many times I have talked about trusting in God to lead and then felt like I was by myself or I did not see how things were going to come out in the long run. If you’ve noticed, the Lord tells us things but He never explains Himself.

When God called the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, the plan was to bring them to the promise land. When the Lord begins to do something, He already has an end result for it and so when He begins to do it, it’s not for Him to try and see if it would work but for Him to finish what He has began. We can start with Him and then give up but He will not.

Now we see Him bring His people through the desert ultimately that He may bring them to the land He promised. Then all of a sudden there are obstacles, barriers, partitions, walls, valleys just to mention a few. God did not tell them what it will take to bring them there meaning the process. Thank God that He does not always tell us the process but the purpose. If some of us knew the process, we would give up before we even go far. David was promised that He would be the next king, God did not tell him that He would have to wait 17years, be wanted dead by Saul and face many challenges. Joseph receives a dream and he is not told that dream to be accomplished, he will have to be thrown into the pit, sold to Egypt, be thrown in jail and then receive it. If these two guys ever knew the process, I bet they would have thought twice about what they desired or rather what God desired for them.

While in the desert, the children of Israel are brought by the mount Sinai and they camped there many days. The Lord may bring you through the desert but He will not leave you in the dessert. That’s why we always need to be reminded that we are nomadic people. If we stop somewhere, it will be just for a season and not forever. Someone once said, “never build permanent decisions on temporary circumstances” As nomadic people, we are always packed up so that we can pass over. It’s easy to settle at a place where you don’t fight anymore, the same case with the Israelites, peacefully sitting by the mountain. God then says, “You have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward” meaning it’s time to make a stand and move forward. Yes I brought you to this mountain but this was part of the process to get you ready for the promise land. I know how I struggle with this at times because I tend to be too territorial when I know for sure that God was just using something as a bridge. He will bring me to certain places just to rest and then move me to the next level. He wants me to go Northward as there is something about Northwards, it’s in His plan. Going forward would mean fighting our way through, as you read down in the same chapter, you see how they begun to fight many enemies before they possessed. They were not told that they would fight but that was part of the process.

Lord I don’t know where I am at this point but I know that I need to move forward, some of the things I ever trusted you with Lord, you want to accomplish them in me. Lord speak through your word to cause me to take a stand and move Northwards and may you accomplish what you have started in me. Your word says, “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”, Philippians 1:6. I know how territorial I can be and how this causes my faith to be dormant but when I know that I am still on the move, I will trust you to take me to the next place (level) for Your glory”. It will be tough when you know that what you have accomplished is not the end but the middle as that was part of His process to accomplish His purpose. Maybe His process is to build you up in ministry, singing, intercession, strong in the word, walking with Him etc,. If He promised, sure enough He will accomplish it but the question is, CAN YOU STAND THE PROCESS? Blessings Ev.

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