I Will Give You Rest, Sarah Susan

Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all ye, heavy laden and I will give you rest"

In today’s scenario, no one likes to meet any person, who is heavy laden or to help any such person or spend time with people who are very tensed, depressed or anxious for various reasons.
But our dear Lord invites such people who have heavy burdens, whatever the reason may be. Not only, it is an invitation of warm welcome followed by the assurance of PERFECT REST. 1Peter 5:7, says "Cast your burden on the Lord because He cares for you" Yes God is bearing our burden and that too, gladly… For instance, a young child getting back from school with a very heavy bag , unable to carry it.. His/her mother or father will immediately run to the child and definitely take the heavy bag and give the child some relief ..Why ? The primary reason is love …Yes, the love of the parents towards their children …This is a shadow of God’s love. Compared to the AGAPE love which is of God, even our earthly fathers falls short of His love.

One time I woke up only to remember the pressures I was to face during one particular day at office. I had auditors visiting and God strengthened me with this verse "Praise be to the Lord, to God, our SAVIOR , who daily bears our burdens" ..I immediately gathered courage for the day, miraculously witnessed God bring me out of this particular situation and every other. I praised God further for strengthening my faith to believe that He loves me and gladly bears my daily burdens…

What a blessing it is to be with the Lord who bears our burdens, who loves to listen to us, and also gives us rest despite attacks from Satan /enemies /troubles/ fears/ shocks/day today worries or whatever it is

Psalms 91 says "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will REST in the shadow of the Almighty" . What is this dwelling place? it’s a place where one lives/stays/resides/abides. Any person on earth goes home after the days’ work …generally ,a person loves to get back to his house/dwelling as often as possible , as early as possible.. Now let us meditate on God Himself being our dwelling ..

If we love our earthly dwelling, which is quite temporary, then how much more are we to love our heavenly, permanent dwelling -our temple Himself ? Do we love to stay in Him, reside in Him, abide in Him consistently and continuously? Not just for a season, or time period for a gain or a favor but forever and ever …If we are inclined to spend time with Him, then we can be assured of His rest.. David states that He loves to stay in the temple of the Lord forever and ever. Yes, let us love to abide in Him and continue in Him so that we can enjoy the rest in His bosom for ever and ever… Let us all eagerly wait for the day when we , all will be in His loving fold, God Himself wiping our tears from our eyes, and providing us REST for eternity… , Sarah Susan

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