Giving Back To The Lord, Pastor Phil Sessa

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1Samuel 1:10 , “10 In bitterness of soul Hannah wept much and prayed to the LORD. 11 And she made a vow, saying, “O LORD Almighty , if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me, and not forget your servant but give her a son, then I will give him to the LORD for all the days of his life, and no razor will ever be used on his head.”

Our society is one that thrives on ownership. There are copyright laws on movies, songs, books, and deeds for houses, and titles for cars, etc… all showing owner of things. However when one has a child to
whom does that child belong? The Psalmist wrote, Psalm 127:3, “Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from Him.” In the book of Samuel we are met by a woman in bitterness of soul because she was barren. In those days to be barren was considered to be cursed by God. Hannah would weep and fast from food because she wanted a son so bad and her heart was in deep anguish.

Hannah vows a vow and tells the Lord that if He will grant her a son, she will give him back to the Lord all the days of his life. Wow, if the Lord gives her what she yearns for, she will give her son away to the Lord. God takes our vows very seriously as Solomon points out in Ecclesiastes 5:4-5, “4 When you make a vow to God, do not delay in fulfilling it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow. 5 It is better not to vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it.” Hannah makes her vow in prayer to the Lord, and Eli the priest confirms the answer from the Lord, that indeed God had heard her prayer, and she would have a son. This word from the Lord lifted her spirit and she was no longer sad. God’s Word met her right where she was. He met her sadness with joy, hopelessness with hope, and barrenness with a child. Her son is born, to become the prophet Samuel who would later anoint King David to the throne of Israel. Hannah’s prayer was desperate, selfless, and committed.

1. Desperate prayer. Hannah was in a time of desperation. Much more can be said of women in those days bearing children, but this was her heart’s desire and she brought it to God. Where do you bring your
deepest hearts desires, your dreams, your vision? Do you bring them to the Lord, or elsewhere?

2. Selfless prayer. Hannah’s prayer was answered, and “unto her a child was given.” However she promised God that she would give Him to the Lord all the days of Samuel’s life. The very child she was
desperate for, she was willing to give him back to the Lord as a gift. Are you selfish in your prayers, or selfless? Jesus prayed, “not my will be yours be done.” Before we can pray “Thy Kingdom
come [thy will be done],” we must be willing to pray “my kingdom go [my will be gone] ALAN REDPATH

3. Committed prayer. Hannah did not delay in fulfilling her vow to the Lord. Hannah brought Samuel to Eli the priest and he was offered up to the Lord saying, “Oh my lord, as thy soul liveth, my lord, I am
the woman that stood by thee here, praying unto the LORD. 27 For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him: 28 Therefore also I have lent him to the LORD; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the LORD
.” When God answers your prayer in a vow do your keep your end of the vow?

Are you desperate for the Lord? Is your prayer selfless and are you committed to serve Him with that which He gives you, whether things or people. Give to the Lord that which He has given you.

Until the nets are filled…Blessings, Pastor Phil <><


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