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Luke 9:23-24- The He said to them all,” If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up is cross daily and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.

I would like to talk to you this morning about the life of a disciple of Jesus, the true disciple, no longer self seeking, but surrendering their will to the Father, even as Jesus did. Today’s message is very different, so I feel it pertinent to share on this topic the best I can, may God bless His word today. False teachers have crept in unawares, who have corrupted the way of truth. You see them at the bookstores, smiling from the covers. Names like Osteen, Meyer, Dollar, and Hinn have profited from a message that is leading many away from the cross to seek their own comfort and prosperity, ultimately they are being led away from Jesus.

The message Jesus gives us is very different here in Luke’s gospel. If anyone desires to come, He says, let him deny himself. Desires here means they have chosen, they have determined this to be truth. The individual is presented with options, to come or not, and they, upon consideration, have chosen to follow the path that leads to life, knowing the other path, the one of self-comfort and ease, leads to death. Now they must deny themselves, meaning to renounce(to give up, to reject) oneself fully in all respects, to die daily as Paul says to their own desires and ambitions, to all worldliness, to all distractions. They take up their cross daily, and follow after Jesus. A.W. Tozer used to say you knew one thing about a man with a cross, he wasn’t coming back. He was going to die. This is what Jesus is saying to us. When I decide to follow Him, it is not so I can benefit from Jesus, as if He owes me something. Christ has saved me, now my life belongs to Him. I take up my cross and go to my death, out of my love for Him. I seek to live as Christ lived, not seeking my own will, but the will of the Father.

Don’t listen to the other voices, if what they say is leading you away from the cross, stop right where you are, repent, and give your life wholly to the Lord Jesus. For Jesus says, whoever desires to save(to protect, preserve) his life will lose it, but whoever loses(to put out of the way, to destroy) his life will save it. What a paradox, and a tremendous contradiction to the popular pulpit of our day. The very thing they are desiring to save, they are going to lose. Where are we today? Are we desiring to save our lives for ourselves? Don’t be fooled friends by what you are hearing. Look at Jesus, learn from Him, He is the way, truth, and life, look to Him, desire Him above all else. Blessed, Jesus says, are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for holiness, for a life entirely devoted to Jesus, surrendered completely to Him, out of a love for Jesus that burns within their heart. He is the true treasure, He alone is life. Are you beaten down today? Abandon yourself to the Lord, be satisfied in Him. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of Earth will grow dim. If you would like, please share any responses you might have.

In Christ’s service, Brother Benjamen email: brotherbenjamen


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