Stand Still, Try Again, Move On! Pastor Boaz Olang

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Exodus 14: 13-14, “…And Moses said unto the people, Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will show to you today: for the Egyptians (your enemies who are pursuing after you) whom you have seen today, you shall see them again no more forever. The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace”.

I want to bring to your attention, today, that life is not easy, and that your life is and will be full of trouble. No matter who you are or where you are, you will encounter moments and experiences that will leave you not knowing what to do.
Have you ever said to yourself in the face of a problem or situation, “I don’t know what to do”? I have, many times. We each face times when our life is filled with fear, doubts, confusion, hopelessness, sorrow, pain, anxiety and uncertainty, exhaustion and desperation, distress and depression, and a lot more than I can catalogue here. Sometimes, we are surrounded by pain and perplexity. In addition, we wonder whether life is still what it used to be or should be. We sometimes question the love of God and even, accuse him of negligence. We sometimes ask questions like “Why has God allowed this to happen to me?’ or “What I have done or not done to deserve this?” or “Why can’t I be successful or be blessed with this or that, like other people or my friends?”

Whatever your questions are or may be, I don’t have an answer, but I want to remind you or make you aware of a few facts of life that you need to know and live by, and give you some recommendation of what to do to overcome, be blessed and stay blessed.

One, understand and accept that life is full of trouble and that as a man (human being) born of woman, all your days on earth, you will face and deal with trouble. Job, one of the patriarchs of faith, who faced more problems than you can imagine understood and accepted that fact positively. Here is what he said: “Man that is born of woman is of few days, and full of trouble. He comes forth like a flower, and is cut down: He fleeth also as a shadow, and continues not”. Job 14: 1-2.

Two, understand that no effort of your own will deliver you. You need God to save you. When Israel faced the impossible Red Sea and didn’t know what to do, God, alone, intervened and instructed them what to do. Don’t move. Do not cry or try to fight. Stand still and see God’s salvation. That is what they needed to do. They needed to stop crying, complaining or blaming everyone else, but themselves.

Three, understand and accept that no one’s got an easy ride in this life. Everyone has their own share of trials, challenges or trouble. Yours is not unique nor are they special. They are only different. Even Jesus had His, and at one point wished, He could escape one of the worst and most painful experiences of His life when He was dying on the Cross felt lonely. He could not bear or endure the pain, alone. He cried “…My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”, Mathew 27:46. God, His Father, strengthened Him to go through that pain. It was His exit to recapture eternal glory. May be, today, you are resisting and fighting something that could be your last exit to a brand new day of victory, peace, hope, prosperity and pleasure, in the Lord. Stop fighting and stand still, instead, let go and let God. Don’t just fold your hands passively, doing nothing. Stand still in prayer, faith, hope, love, and perseverance. Listen to His instruction, and do His will. Not yours. Do your “Will Alignment” today. Align your will to His. If you don’t, you will wobble, shake, veer off the road and you may be very dangerous to yourself and others, who are around you and who depend on you or look up to you. Stand still. Will you? God will surely visit you and bring you up, and out. Blessings Boaz


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