Does God Have a Need? Pastor Phil Sessa

Psalm 145:16, “You open Your hand, And satisfy the desire of every living thing”

As a science teacher I have taught my students that all life has basic needs. Most living things need food, water, air, and living space (shelter). I’ve heard it said in the context of marriage that man has a need for respect that can be satisfied by a man’s wife. Similarly, women have a need for emotional love that can be fulfilled by her husband (see Ephesians 5). Only God however can meet all of the needs of both men and women, because only God fully understands the needs of all of His Creation. We know that we have needs, the animal and plant kingdom have needs, but the question remains does God have a need? A need is a necessity, something that one cannot live without. I’ve heard it said that God’s need is that humanity would worship Him. This would mean that God needs, not just desires worship.

Here is the relationship scenario. God is perfect in faithfulness, love, power, holiness, justice, kindness, goodness, mercy, grace, jealousy, unity, patience, wisdom, trustworthiness, righteous, etc…. Now let us looks at humanity, apart from God we are unfaithful, unloving, unholy, unkind, not good, selfish, mean in spirit and deed, impulsive, unrighteous, blasphemous, self – righteous, etc… Looking at this non-exhaustive list, what do we have to offer to God? If God had a need, how could we possibly meet His need, we can’t even clean the sin in our own heart. He alone must create in us a clean heart. Well then after He cleans our heart can’t we use that clean heart by which to worship Him? Yes, but God does not need us nor our worship. The angels cry out Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty, and have been doing so since God created them. Lucifer was the archangel of worship, which gathered all the worship creation and reflected it toward God. Yet upon his rebellion through pride God removed him from that position as the angel of worship. God didn’t need it from the angels. However many angels still express their awe of God through worship and obedience. Therefore I submit that God doesn’t have a need! We the need to worship the Lord.

Think back to the Noahic flood, although eight were saved, only one worshipped and that was Noah. If God had a need for worship, how many people does He need to satisfy that need? Noah soon after was drunk and naked, and surely was not in worship, so that would equal zero worshippers. If my need is for food and I do not have my need met, I would eventually die. If God had a need for worship what would happen to God if He did not have that need met? The fact is that God does not need anything from angels, humanity, or creation.

God opens His hand and satisfies the needs and desires of every living thing. Only One that is without needs, hence the All – Powerful, Creator, Self-Sufficient, God can make such a claim. Thank God that He supplies all the needs of His children. We call on God for our needs, He does not call upon us.

Today make it a point to thank God for supplying your needs, and thank Him that He is Self – Sufficient, and that you do not need to meet His needs because He does not have any.

Until the nets…Blessings, Pastor Phil <><

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