In His Time, Part 2of3, Sarah Susan


To pick up from where we left, we learn how Haman became excited about his plan and that all the Jews would be destroyed forever. In high spirits, he called his friends and wife Zeresh and boasted of his vast wealth, his many sons, all the ways the king exalted him and how he was elevated above the other nobles and officials… “Pride goes before a fall”To add to all this, his friends and wife suggested to Haman to have a seventy five feet gallows built for Mordecai in order to hang him on it …And this suggestion delighted Haman according to Esther. On the count of Haman’s story, what delights you? Do suggestions of beloved people delight you? Or the Law of the Lord? Does the word of God delight you? Delight is the highest level of ecstasy or happiness or joy or pleasure or contentment. Psalms 1:4 speaks of delighting in the law of the Lord…Does the word of God delight you? Does the word of God pour life into you as in the case of David?

Though Mordecai was aware of all this, he never got worried or never panicked. He never complained to God by saying something like this, “Haman was vile/evil, then why is he being blessed or exalted above others and that too above me? Why should not that exaltation happen to me as I am God fearing and devout? Why should the plans of vile Haman come into action and also been approved by the king? Those plans could have been stopped but why did You allow all this in my life? To worsen the situation, gallows also are built. God You could have stopped the gallows being built and what not”

Mordecai was quite composed and humble under Gods mighty hands to exalt him at the due time …Never did Haman’s boasting or his feasts upset Mordecai…In all these happenings, apparently God looked to be silent ..Why? He let the enemy work to its best …He let the enemy plan the worst ..he let the enemy get excited to the maximum … Though he appears to be silent, He is working behind the scene..

King Nebuchadnezzar was furious with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Gods children when they disobeyed his command to serve other gods or worship them…Though he was quite favorable towards them till that moment, his attitude immediately changed and he ordered that the furnace be heated seven times hotter than usual… Yes people are prone to change…However close or dear to us, they are subject to change depending on the situations/circumstances… But our Father never changes …He is the same yesterday, today and forever…What a comfort to have a God/guide/friend who never changes… who loves us in the same way, though we are prone to change parties or change colors … These children of God were never worried that the furnace was getting hotter …never questioned God. God could have changed the king’s heart…He could have stopped the king from throwing into fiery furnace… To add to all this, the furnace was seven times hotter…But God was watching the situation… He let the enemy carry out his plan with much energy and excitement but He intervened just at the right time in the furnace. The blazing furnace had killed the soldiers who tied up the children of God to throw into the furnace but these people were completely protected. Praise the Lord ! To finish, Sarah

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