See What You Prayed For, Part 1of2, Evans Olang

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Genesis 24:21, “And the man, wondering at her, remained silent so as to know whether the Lord had made his journey prosperous or not”

I have granted an awesome opportunity not only to minister to big groups all over the world but also one on one. I find that what someone else needs is exactly what I need. In the process of encouraging them, I am encouraged too. I get a deeper understanding of a scripture and often times God leads me to develop a word from it.

One of my favorite subjects to speak on is Prayer. I find a good flow as I do it. It is my strength, it builds my faith. I am more stronger in praying than I am in the word. I find it much easier to pray than read my bible. Now we know that praying is not a one way but two ways. We pray and God in turn speaks to us through the word. Many times as I am praying, a passage is dropped in my spirit to which if I know it well, I pray it and read after as a confirmation of God’s word in response to my prayers. What happens when you have prayed for something over and over again and all you are waiting is to hear God speak to you maybe audibly (as some think) over what to do about your situation? I will share a concept from a passage that has been a blessing to me over the years.

Genesis 24 has really taught me so much about praying and waiting to hear what the Lord has to say. In this case, it’s not about what the Lord said but what the Lord did. The message was not in what He spoke but what He did. The reason why the person in the picture knew it was God was because He had prayed SPECIFICALLY for something. Abraham’s servant was given a task to find a wife for Isaac. He had been given guidelines as where he should find her from. He had no description of what to look for in a good wife however he applies wisdom of God’s will for a good wife. He SPECIFICALLY prays to God about those qualities. “The lips of the righteous knows what is acceptable”, Proverbs 10:32 tells us. Staying in the word will teach you more of what God’s will is for mankind, thereafter when we know what the boundaries are, we pray within those boundaries (guidelines). The train finds complete freedom to flow within the boundaries it’s given and so is a righteous man who knows the boundaries of what is accepted. Praying within boundaries is not an indication that you will get all you’ve prayed but allowing the God of the boundaries to exercise His will for YOUR life in that which you have prayed for. God’s word is “THE WILL” for ALL but when you pray the will, He sees out of the total WILL of what He desires for you at a given time and provides it. Here is where we many times we struggle, waiting patiently for the will to manifest in God’s way and God’s time.

The servant prayed God’s will, finished praying and started watching to see what the Lord would do. Here comes Rebekah, who does everything he had prayed to God for, Genesis 24:21, “And the man, wondering at her, remained silent so as to know whether the Lord had made his journey prosperous or not“. Can you see he wasn’t waiting for God to send thunder, angel to speak to him or God Himself to appear and say, “Servant, I have heard your prayer and now I have come to perform?”No, for this man, all the speaking he needed was to see what He had prayed being fulfilled. Watch this, when he saw all that he prayed coming true, he did not jump and conclude, he sat patiently to see if the Lord had prospered his way or not by waiting to see more of it unfold. The only reason he finally knew it was God’s will was when he had peace within, he did not struggle or fight for it, no one else came for comparison, and there is no indication that he moved to another place. When I have prayed for something within the boundaries for a long time, I cease to pray so as to see what I have prayed. Ceasing to pray and watching does not mean I gave up, it means that I activated the will and now it’s time to watch it’s manifestation in silence. I believe the people who never pray specifically have a way of missing God’s will, why? because you could be praying and praying and God is doing something but you can’t see as you won’t know. You could be waiting for God to speak to you in another way maybe audibly however you will miss what He is doing to indicate He is already speaking. See what you prayed, to continue… Blessings Evans


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