Hallowed Be Your Name, Evans Olang

Matthew 6:9, “…Our Father in heaven, HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME”

Prayer always begins with God and ends with Him. When was the last time you worshipped Him for who He is, magnified His name, His attributes, His nature in your prayers? While it’s easy to come to prayers with our “give me list”, Jesus taught His disciples to first hallow God’s name.

He is our Abba Father, Jehovah Yahweh, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Elshadai, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah Tsidekanu, Jehovah Ebenezer, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Mkadesh, Jehovah Rohi, King of kings, Lord of lords, Bright morning star, Lion of the tribe of Judah, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father, Maker of the universe, Jesus Christ, Lily of the valley, Rose of Sharon, Emmanuel, Messiah, Majesty, the great I Am, the Porter, The Excellent One, The Mighty One of Israel, Powerful God, Mighty God, Glorious One, Holy God, Magnificent God, Deliverer, Precious Lord, Beautiful Savior, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, First and the Last, Mighty Warrior, Exalted One, Auspicious God who sits on the circles of the earth, Unchanging God, The Lord who reigns forevermore, our Councilor, Living Word, Living Water, Living Bread, the Way, the Truth, the Life, The light of the world, Rock of ages, Solid Rock, Anchor of life, Firm Foundation, Rock of Salvation, Awesome God, Lover of our soul, Consuming Fire, Anointed One, True Vine, our Refuge, our Fortress, A strong Tower, the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of men, Baptizer of the Holy Ghost and Fire, Jealous God, Sovereign God, Lord of all, Good Shepherd, Teacher- Rabbi, the only Wise God, the all knowing God, the chief planner, Way Maker, Ancient of Days, Master, Redeemer, Rabboni, Omniscient, the balm of Gilead, God of wonders, God of Justice, Merciful God and the list continues.

The more hallow God’s name, the more your faith in prayer increases. It builds your faith to see God far beyond what I you are dealing with at any given time. Read Jeremiah’s hallow God’s greatness, “‘Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You”, Jeremiah 32:17. I see God bigger than my problem when I hallow His name. When I see Him as my Father, it reveals to me that I am not just one of the children of God but I recognize my relationship with Him is personalized and therefore I am encouraged to know that He has called me His son. The bible says that He has curved us in the palm of His hands, Isaiah 49:16. The same bible also says that He knows us in and out and to prove it, the very hairs on our heads are numbered and not counted, Matthew 10:30. What a way to show that He is concerned about our affairs as His sons and daughters. People will fail us, but our Father in heaven will never leave us nor forsake us. He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother, Proverbs 18:24. As I talk about Him, I am reminded that He is everything good I could ever think about.

Matthew 6:9, “…Hallowed be Your name”, His name is sacred, holy, consecrated, blessed, and sanctified. What a name!!!! no one has and no one will ever have such an introduction like God because no one disserves it like He does. Know God as He is for He is the One and only, let your faith increase as you see God as God in your situation, Hallowed be His name. Blessings Ev
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5 thoughts on “Hallowed Be Your Name, Evans Olang”

  1. Prayer rightly begins with setting apart (making holy) the Name of God, but the Lord’s Prayer ends with giving respect to the other name, not of God, but of His son, Jesus (Jeshua), who is the mediator between god and man and our highpriest..


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