Called To Be Saints, Benjamen Leahey

1Corinthians 1:2-.. to those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints…

Paul addresses his letter to the church of God in the beginning of v.2. This is an important word, as it encompasses all those who have placed their faith in Jesus. The word for church in the Greek is ‘ekklesia”, which means, the called out ones. What have they been called out from? They have been called out from the world (John 17:16). What do they do? They take up their cross and follow Jesus (Matthew10:38). How do they do this? By denying themselves, serving Christ in holiness and righteousness Luke 1:74-75). I find it increasingly important to differentiate between what the popular voices say and what the scriptures say.

Many individuals make up their own religion by their own reasoning. They decide for themselves what they will and will not follow. We live like the world, in drunkenness and fornication, and then we enter God’s house as if all is normal. The divorce rate goes higher and higher in the church, couples live together out of wedlock, worldly entertainment is reveled in, all things the scriptures call sin, but many engage in them anyways. How many churches held super bowl parties? How many held prayer meetings? Think about it, we celebrate some idolatrous game, on the Lord’s day nonetheless, and we neglect what the scriptures describe as what a true disciple does. Friends, I declare to you, in the great apostles words, the true church of God is comprised of those who have heard the call and have responded. For this call is an invitation, ‘called out’, in the Greek, means invited. This is not some un refusable call, it is the divine declaration of the Almighty, to whosoever would come after Him, and follow Him upon the road that leads to everlasting life. They have been separated unto God, consecrated wholly to Him. Separated from the world, for the scriptures tell us that the friend of the world is the enemy of God(James 4:4). The friend of the world is the one who loves the things of the world. They desire and revel in the things of the world. This one has not the love of the Father(1John 2:15).

The true disciple is called a saint, and they are , in reality, what they are called. They are commanded to be holy(1Peter1:15-16), and they are, in fact , holy. They are personally involved, not merely in profession, but in practice. The righteousness of Christ is imparted within them, they are partakers of His holiness. I believe this to be so important to understand, this life is not some ideal we look at, it is to be the life we live. We are called to ‘be’ saints, in reality, in actual practice and experience. It involves our effort, our will, and it is our privilege. So, will you hear the call?

Hearing His call, Brother Benjamen


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