The Lord’s Workshop, Evans Olang

Isaiah 41:15, “Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shall thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shall make thee hills of chaff”

Life is full of up and downs, a lot of challenges to go with it. There are days you feel like you are winning and there are days when you feel like a failure. Often times I have used the word “season modes” for every season presents it’s weather and everyone has to learn to adapt in every season otherwise you become a victim. At times even the preachers go dry, and they are left with no power and no strength to fight the good fight of a soldier. If the preachers, pastors, deacons, board members, evangelists are not exempt from the dry and burnouts. God may take you through a process and when you think you now have everything in place to make you perfect, He will relocate you again for His purpose is not to make you confident in yourself but confident in Him.

We are all instrument of a kind designed and made by God. Each instrument has been made for a specific purpose to accomplish what it was designed to do. Let’s look at some other words for “instruments”, a tool, device, gadget, utensil, apparatus, appliance. Let me take the word tool and make use of it. Any tool that need sharpening needs it before it can effectively be used. A sharpened tool will give you a better result compared to a blunt tool. Not only will a sharp tool give you a better result, it will make the work faster and easier and less energy will be required to have the job done. You can not force a lawn mower to trim the fence, it was never designed for that. Each and every tool was designed for a specific task and so is with every believer, we are designed for specific tasks, callings and ministries and we cannot go around trying to do everything that we were never called to do. I was never called to sing, therefore I don’t need to appear at a choir practice for I will mess up everything. When you know what you have been called to do, you will not just have a passion for it but you will also be good at it. God has invested in each of us diversified gifts to be utilized for we are His instrument but…

Every instrument used at times get out of place, and has to be tuned, sharpened, oiled, repaired and the like and the Lord is saying to us in Isaiah 41:15, “Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth”. “Behold”, not only is He telling you and I to observe, watch, see, take a look at, view but He is also telling those around us to watch. You can be effective, but there comes a time when your effectiveness reduces and you have to come back to the one who is using you as the tool for sharpening. Watch the way He puts it, “I will make thee”, If He does not do it, it cannot be done; if He does not fix it, it cannot be fixed, therefore we call on Him to sharpen our lives when we go blunt. I just checked and another word for blunt is dull. Blunt tools don’t look attractive and most of the time, they have dents on the blade and are rusty. When you begin to sharpen it, expect it to sparkle. All the dents will diminish, it will shine and the owner of the tool will be happy about using a sharpened tool again. He is sharpening it because He wants to use it and not put in display.

Our prayer lives, witnessing skills, reading of the word, faith, hope, working skills, wisdom, passions, dreams, desires, relationships need to be sharpened. Those reading have tools designed by God that have become dull, dormant, rusty and blunt. Someone looks like an old, beaten tool that has been abused in the hands of the wrong person. You’ve lost your effectiveness, you’ve tried hard to be used but because you are blunt, more energy is used to make something out of it. The sign of the anointing is when you can take less and do much with it, Holy Ghost knows how to sharpen us and put us back to work. Regardless of what size the tool is, when it’s sharpened and used in the right field in which it was designed for, watch and you will see marvelous results. He says again in Isaiah 41:15, “… thou shall thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shall make thee hills of chaff”. What a description of what will happen when you and I are sharpened, for we will thresh the mountains and beat them small. Remember when David was sharpened, his mountain was Goliath and because he was sharp in the word of the Lord, he threshed his mountains when Saul who was blunt at this time and could not even lift up his head to say a word. We thank Him for His word is our sharpener. Where in your life have you gone blunt, mark that it’s not beginning but you already had it before and it was effective at one point but in the process of time, you, the tool fell in wrong hands that abused you as a tool or you were in the right hand but you lost your effectiveness and now you are blunt and dull, you have dent’s all over and anything you try to do is yielding less strength or no strength. Jump into the Lord’s workshop and let Him sharpen you again. He wants to use you, but with you blunt, you will not be effective. Blessings Ev

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