The Lord Is With Us, Part 2of5, Evans Olang

2Kings 6:8-23, “And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them”

1John 4:4, “Ye are of God ye little children for you have overcome them, for greater is He that is in you that he that is in the world“. Elisha was an ordinary man with an extraordinary anointing. There was nothing good in him but the Power and the presence of God, and so when you begin to see enemies scattered and put to shame, it is not because they are threatened by you, it is because of the One greater in you. The bible says, in Psalm 68:1, “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered”.

In the passage on 2Kings 6, the king of Syria discovered that Elisha did not have an army, just his servant. Why would a king who learns that Elisha has no army send an army on horses and chariots to pursue him? Of course they knew Elisha was not even wearing combat gear to face the Syria’s army. They could have sent less than 10 people and they would captured him without any problem. I believe the reason why they sent an army is because of what they had seen in Elisha. The enemy had no chance as they knew whose Elisha was.

We face situations, facing the enemy of our soul and because we know Him, we are at peace. It amazes me how we constantly bind an enemy whose existence is already threatened by the presence of our Savior. What did Jesus tell Peter, “upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. He said upon his confession, this truth, I will build my church and my people and the gates of hell yes will come, but it will not prevail. Let’s not forget who we are, whose we are and where we are planted.

In the morning in vs. 15 Elisha’s servant wakes up, goes out and behold there was a great army surrounding the place where he and Elisha camped. Now let’s back up here for a minute, if you look in the previous vs. you find that Elisha knew things done or said in secret, he was a prophet. I believe he already aware they would be pursued and now surrounded yet he was still able to sleep peacefully till morning. What an amazing thing, the presence of God made him comfortable in a situation that would make his servant terrified if he was made aware a head of time. I saw this with Peter who was able to sleep peacefully in jail and so was Daniel in the lion’s den. This is where we are different from the unsaved, they can only sleep peacefully or be calm when they know for sure that everything is okay. Their peace comes when everything is going the right way, for us believers we get it in both ways whether things are good or bad for it’s not even us but God within. God with us is God within us.

The bible says that “the peace of God surpasses all human understanding“. Mark the word the “peace of God”, it’s not even our peace but His peace. That is why I don’t get surprised when I see some Christians go through things and yet they are still maintain peace, they should be worrying about it but they are not, in fact they sleep through it. I see the peace in them but I know it’s not their peace. My blood brother Andrew is in peace despite being on a wheel chair with spinal injury he suffered in January 2013. They told him that he may never walk again, that did not shake his peace. We visit with him to encourage him and we find him encouraging others at the rehab. A couple years ago my friend Pastor Paul had brain surgery and during that time, he was the most peaceful man I had ever met. He still had to go through treatments that were affecting him. When they told 10% tumor left in his brain and was dangerous to remove, he told the doctors, “my God will heal me”, God with him and in Him gave him peace to ride it out. Today, that 10% is gone completely.

Hysterical people use too much energy trying to worry and fix stuff, however someone who has the peace of God inside has nothing to worry about. He can speak out peace because he has it in. Someone once said, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A MAN WHO DOES NOT HAVE TO DO IT HIMSELF”. I see that in Elisha and that is comfort to me. God is with us, to continue blessings Ev

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