Reach Out And Touch, Evans Olang

Mark 5:25-34, “…For she said, if I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole…”

Desperate people do desperate things if they know that whatever they’ve have to do will make an impact and a difference in their lives. When you know your restoration depends on something extraordinary, bigger than you, you will not care about what people say or think. A woman with the issue of blood was in a situation where she spent everything trying to fix her condition. For 12years she had spent money, visited worthless physicians with no improvement only to be left hopeless.

Her condition had robbed her of freedom, relationships, comfort, joy, peace and even money, nevertheless she was determined to get well. At times you just need assurance that there is still hope in the midst of hopelessness and knowing that whatever is impossible with man is possible with God. She heard about many miracles Jesus had performed (Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Jesus) and she perceived in herself that her health will only come back through Jesus Christ. Ashamed of herself and her condition, she encouraged herself, “… if I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole…”. Her faith is so much boosted to the extent that she knows that if just His name is a strong tower, then even power would flow through what He is wearing. I see her telling herself how she didn’t even have to talk to Him or get noticed after all no one wanted her around or be around her anyway.

In my life I have seen areas that I really needed to touch the hem of His garment because I knew what I was going through not everyone would understand my situation. A desperation propelled me to find Jesus and touch His garment. You will not always have someone help you find Him but yourself, and you have to be strong enough to encourage yourself. “It shall be well” ought to be your attitude. She encouraged herself in the midst of hell and her encouragement helped her make the first move. Crawling under people trying to find her way to Jesus was a move she made. We don’t hear her telling people how she is too sick and needs special help to reach the Master, she decided to move looking unto Jesus. When there is no one to carry you to the Master, calm and encourage yourself, crawl if need be, push the obstacles aside and make it to the Master.

Something amazing, everyone who had been walking with Jesus some at distance and some very close to Him. With that in mind, at least people touched Him whether they wanted to or not and Jesus never questioned them, but when this woman touched Him, He felt power leave Him and He stopped, looked around and asked, “WHO TOUCHED ME?”. Isn’t it funny that many people can walk around the Lord and even touch Him but there is no great impact than for someone with extraordinary faith in the midst of pain encourages herself just to touch His clothes and be made whole? When I have a desperate situation it calls for desperate measure. Make prayers that causes heaven to be in motion and hell to be in chaos. Prayers that shows your total dependence on the grace and mercy of God.

All of sudden all attention is on a woman of faith. She was not even supposed to be there, she wasn’t even looking for attention. Even more interesting, she wasn’t even expecting Jesus to look around and be concerned with her life but there she was. She had touched His garments, she was made whole according to her faith and now the process is about to end. When she confessed that she was the one who touched Him, He turned around and said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well, go in peace and be healed of your affliction”. Can you imagine being called son or daughter when you were hopeless at one point? His love goes beyond our afflictions and He does care about what we go through. If He was able to pause for a second when He was on a journey and attend to this hopeless lady, don’t you think He will do the same for you? One last thing, if she touched His garment and was healed, why would Jesus tell her again to be healed? This was to let her know that it wasn’t only a physical healing but eternal also, her sins were forgiven and complete restoration. Hebrews 11:6, “but without faith, it’s impossible to please Him…”, SHE TOUCHED MORE THAN HIS GARMENT, SHE TOUCHED THE HEART OF THE LORD BY HER FAITH. Blessings Ev

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