Overcoming Life Obstacles, Part 4of5, Pastor Boaz Olang

1John 5:4, “He that is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith”.

Overcoming an obstacle by climbing on top of its roof and tearing it down courageously by faith, and with great determination, pushing on until you reach Jesus for your miracle, is the subject of today’s devotion.

I hope and pray that we can learn some more on things that will help grow our faith so we can be more prepared to overcome many of life’s hindrances we face every day.

In yesterday’s message, I emphasized two virtues that are necessary for overcoming an obstacle that may require going round it for a long time. These virtues are Faith and Patience. Today, I would like to emphasize again the virtue of faith, in addition to determination, and courage, as necessary tools for tearing down the roof tops of any obstacle that may stand in the way, between you and Jesus, hindering you from receiving your desired miracle.

Have you ever been excited about something you had been promised and were expecting? I mean something you really would love to have or see and then all over sudden, something happens and you couldn’t have it or see it?. That usually triggers disappointment that can degenerate into discouragement and serious depression. Is there anything that can be done before getting that far? That depends on what choices and decisions you make. You can let obstacles get over your roof and tear you down or you can chose to climb over the rooftops of your obstacles, tear them down, and zoom right into the presence of Christ for your miracle. “… I have set before you this day life and death, blessings and cursing, chose life…”(Deut.30-30).

There are four people the Bible talks about in the Gospel of Mark 2, who could not allow anything to stop them from reaching Jesus so they could fulfill a promise they had given to a paralytic man they had picked from the street where he was begging. These four men had faith in Jesus. They believed that Jesus could heal the paralytic and set him free so he could move on with a normal and productive happy life. They told the paralytic about Jesus and the man liked the idea. So, they trekked down the dusty road, and finally reached the house where Jesus was teaching and preaching the kingdom of God. When they arrived, the house was full to capacity and the crowd could not allow them to pass through to Jesus. What did they do? They made a faith decision, no obstacle was going to stop them from seeing Jesus. They climbed the rooftop, tore the roof, tied the paralytic man’s bed with a rope and lowered him as fast as they could right in front of Jesus.

When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Son, your sins are forgiven you.” Note what he saw-their faith. That made him stop what He was doing to give the men who had faith what they badly needed-the restoration of the paralytic’s health and extension of his life. He saw and honored their faith. He didn’t even bother to ask them who they were and where they had come from or why they had committed a property damage crime. He didn’t yell at them for disturbing his meeting and changing His program. He gave them what they came for and claimed by faith and by all means.

The decisions taken by the four men and the paralytic exhibits faith, courage and determination, without which they could not have gone passed the crowed to Jesus. If we also want to see Jesus, and bring all our cares to Him, we must make up our mind that we will climb over the rooftops of anything, including: doubts, fear, ignorance, pride, confusion, disappointment, poverty or wealth, laziness, lies, un-forgiveness, bitterness, racism, religion, traditions, etc. And tear them down and lower ourselves in God’s presence. Then, we will receive whatever we have need of according to His will. The Bible says that if we humble ourselves under the mighty hands of God, He will lift us up in due season. That won’t happen if we are not decided, determined, and courageous enough to take drastic steps of faith for overcoming any obstacle we may face in life. Blessings Boaz

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