Overcoming Life Obstacles Part 3of5, Pastor Boaz Olang

“ And the Lord said to Joshua, see, I have given into your hand Jericho…and you shall compass the city…and go round about the city once. this you will do six days, and you shall compass the city seven times…” Joshua 6:2-3, 5.

We shared on Plowing through the obstacles, this morning he will be sharing on Going Round the obstacles as we continue to learn how to overcome life obstacles.

Our main text, from the Bible, is found in the book of Joshua 6: 1-27. I recommend that you read the whole chapter, after work, quietly and meditate on it. God will reveal more great things to you.

First, let me say that in life, there are obstacles that will not be easily plowed through or problems that will be solved quickly or instantly. But they can be solved and will be resolved, if the right strategy or approach is used. In most cases, a great deal of spiritual weapons and personal qualities or virtues are necessary for overcoming deeply rooted, and tough to move, change or plow through. One of these virtues that anybody hopping to go the long haul with an obstacle is: Patience. Let me repeat it: Patieeeeeeeence! Someone once said, “Patience is a tree whose roots are bitter, but its fruits are sweet.” It is also said that, “Patience it the Queen of virtues.” When this queen is joined together with, “Faith”, king of virtues, there is no obstacle or problem or difficulty or circumstance that can stand on their way. Everything bows before them, and departs with great regrets, sorrow and disappointment. They turn disappointment into appointment with God for achievement of your dreams and arrival at your destiny. In order to develop these virtues, you must get accustomed to doing three things consistently: 1.) You must trust God, 2.) You must communicate (prayer) with God, 1.) You must listen to God, mostly, through His word-the Bible.

In our today’s text, Joshua, who was leading the Israelites to their conquest faced an impossible obstacle- Jericho City. They could not move ahead without passing through Jericho. The wall of Jericho was very high and firm. The foundation of the wall was carefully and strongly laid, reinforced such that the children of Israel could not, whatsoever, enter to attack and destroy and loot the good stuff that was locked in there. Can you imagine the frustration of Joshua and the Israelites?

If you have faced some things that just blocked you so that no matter what you did or didn’t do, you couldn’t move on or make progress or have breakthrough, then you may empathize with these children of God. Remember, I didn’t say “sympathize.” (Personally I don’t like that word that much. Sympathy is one of those commodities I don’t consume that much and I don’t enjoy very much the company of people who offer me sympathy for whatever reason). Anyway, that is beside the point.

Anyway, how did Joshua and his people overcome the wall of Jericho? The Bible says that God gave them a strategy. He told them to gather together and quietly go round the city seven times for seven days. And on the seventh day, they would shout with a big shout, blowing their trumpets. And when they did that, the scripture says “ …, the people shouted…and it came to pass, when the people heard, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell flat, so that the people went up into the city…and the took the city.” (vs.20). Amen!

What a simple, stupid, senseless, childish and irrational strategy God gave Joshua. How could he and his troop, as intelligent and sensible as all of them were, believe what God said? Well, they didn’t care whether it made sense or not, they just acted it and got the result. Sometimes God will say things to you that don’t make sense. Victory from God is won by faith not by understanding or working hard or by use of powerful things or even people. The just shall live by faith…not by works. Today many of you are probably facing obstacles that you have tried to overcome for a long time but you have not been able. Listen to God and start going round the obstacle. You may have to do that continuously for a long time. May be seven hours, or seven days, or weeks or months or even years. Don’t give up. Each time you go round it, you are weakening the walls of your obstacles. They will soon fall down, never again to be seen. Have a blessed going around your wall day!!! Blessings Bro Boaz

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