Overcoming Life Obstacles Part 2of5, Pastor Boaz Olang

There are seven strategies or approaches to dealing with obstacles that I would like to share. They are not the only ones, nor are they the super strategies for overcoming all of life’s obstacles we face daily. But they are good and godly, and are time tested, as the Bible will prove and as some of us will confirm from our testimonies and past experiences and victories God have given us. I will begin today by examining the first strategy or approach:

Plowing Through The Obstacle, When faced with an obstacle, small or big, our common reaction is usually a response or a reaction. Reaction seems to be the option most of us prefer because, I guess, it is cheap since no much thought or consideration or concentration or efforts are necessary. For instance, if you are facing a disappointment as an obstacle, you can simply deal with it by deciding to give up or quit or cry afoul or curse. Worse, you can choose to sink and drown in the deep ocean of depression, where hopelessness and frustration are manifested in large quantity free of charge. Now that’s very dangerous, because most people don’t get out of that sea senile or at, worse, a live. You know that. Don’t you? Try not to be a statistic. Don’t go there.

But what about “response” to an obstacle? I mean in a positive manner that is likely to produce the best and most desirable and victorious result? That may demand a lot more than any reactions I have already mentioned. It may mean making a conscious decision, however risky or painful or hard or challenging the obstacle may be, that you are going to “plow” right through it. Your choices and decisions determine the outcome. Your dependence on God for help guarantees the victory, which is usually accompanied by a lot of joy and celebrations. Listen to what the Psalmist wrote: “ Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning (Psalms 30:5).

There is a morning that always comes for those who decide to go through their obstacle, even when they are weeping so hard. They know that the weeping is just but for a night. Don’t let Satan lie to you that your obstacle is unique and special, just newly invented and that you do not have the ability and capacity to overcome it. Our God is able. His specialty is deliverance. His presence alone, even without doing anything or saying anything, melts any obstacle or problem. He is also a good road constructor. He makes ways where roads never existed and no Engineer could ever imagine a road could be constructed. Come with me to the Bank of the Red Sea and see how He did that to Moses and the children of Israel, when they faced the impossible to “plow” through -The Red Sea. Read Exodus 14, and see what God can do. It records one of the most spectacular and incredible miracle of victory over and a gigantic and life threatening obstacle. The first thing God said to the Israelites was “ stand still” and see my “ salvation which I am going to show you today.” In other words, don’t panic or be scared. I am with you and I am in control of the situation. The reality was they were scared to death, because Pharaoh’s soldiers were behind them ready to kill them or recapture them and take them the back to slavery and the Red Sea was in front of them. Now, look, these guys were in a” fix”. But God was not scared! Anytime you face an obstacle, stand still. You will see God’s hand and power melting your problems, fears, doubts, and all those things that are frustrating you and causing pain and at the same time stopping you from reaching your maximum potential God intended for you.

The second thing God did was “He told Moses to stretch his rod over the Red Sea, and divide the sea.” A dry way opened up right before their eyes and they were commanded to walk through it to the other side. Wow! What a miracle! You see, God gave Moses an idea and a plan for overcoming the impossible. He acted on them and they worked. You too need a plan and an idea from God for overcoming. You can thrive on God’s ideas, thoughts, plans and wisdom. Seek them from His word. You will never overcome successfully on your own, no matter how much you try. If you don’t want to drown and die, then you must decide to dedicate yourself to God and depend on Him absolutely without if, or, but, or maybe etc. If you want to sing today and have a happy celebration, then make a decision to go through any of your present or future obstacles with God. Use what you have to make what you need happen.

After the Israelites plowed through their obstacle, they sang a song of praise and worship to God. Praise and worship are inevitable, when facing obstacles, and after victory is won. “Then sang Moses and the children of Israel unto the Lord this song, saying, I will sing unto the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously…” Exodus 15:1

Read the rest of the song for yourself. You really need to read, later on if you can’t now these two chapters from Bible. With open heart and willingness to learn, hear from God, and adopt the lessons or strategies revealed, your life will never be the same again.

Let us pray: Our father in Heaven, we thank you for being there for us when we don’t know what to do. We ask you to help us face our obstacles with courage and trust in your power, for victory and deliverance, whenever we face an obstacle. In Jesus name. Amen Boaz

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