Overcoming Life Obstacles, Part 1of5, Pastor Boaz Olang

Life has many obstacles. We all face them every day. The obstacles hinder us from being where we are supposed to be or want to be. Overcoming obstacles of any kind is not easy, especially when you are trying on your own. Naturally, as human beings, we have limited power, strength, knowledge, abilities, and many other resources that can and should be used to overcome obstacles.

There are many ways and approaches that have been advanced by professionals, philosophers, or even lay people throughout all generations for dealing with obstacles in life. To some extent, some people have overcome great obstacles in their personal life using their own ways, methods, or even tactics and strategies. Many have also failed and some have even died without experiencing any breakthroughs with their life’s obstacles. And even today, there are countless peoples who are trapped and have been stopped from moving any further because they face insurmountable obstacles that they cannot go through or past. Such people need help! I HAPPEN TO BE AMONG THOSE THAT NEED HELP. Do you?

WELL, I do not know what your answer to that question is; I also do not know what your situation is either. But I do know that if you are like all of us, living here on earth, where there are countless problems and challenges that people face every day, then you need help. And help is available!

There is an enemy- a common enemy of mankind who is busy building obstacles: gates, walls etc to stop you and I from experiencing the victorious and abundant life God meant for all of us. We are all God’s creation. We were created, formed and made by God for a purpose greater than ourselves, and with unlimited potential to become anything He wanted us to be. But mankind lost it through wrong choice. Choosing to be independent, and live a life of self without God. This deviation from God’s plan is one reason we have problems, difficulties and obstacles we cannot overcome on our own. It is also the reason why we are cached and limited and powerless, so that we cannot live victorious lives.

I would like to share with you some insights and strategies that you can use as a Christian to help you overcome any obstacle you may be facing right now or in the future. Here are some Seven Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles.

1. Plow Through the obstacle:
2. Go round it:
3. Climb over it:
4. Change the route:
5. Re-position yourself:
6. Review the situation:
7. Break the obstacle in pieces and deal with the pieces one by one.

To continue, Have a great day. Blessings Bro Boaz

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