Bodily Exercise Does Profit, Evans Olang

1Timothy 4:8, “For bodily exercise profits a little, …”

When you work so hard in the day, you feel tired and worn out. Any activity you add to it is expected to make you even more tired. The body which is suppose to be the temple of God ought to be looked after. This goes with what you do with it and what you put in it. We ought to do everything to maintain it, not only will we be doing what is right before God, it will also be to our benefit. How often do you see people abuse their bodies? They drink their heads off, inject drugs into their body system and not care for their body at all. How many know smoking is bad for their health but still do it? There are Christians who can’t quit smoking, some struggle and some don’t want to. If you thought that God only cares about your spiritual being, think again. God cares about our spirit, soul and body, emphasis in that order. Though the body is not the number one, He formed it and gave everything needed to care for it. They say cleanliness (healthy) is next to Godliness.

Paul writes to Timothy by saying bodily exercise profits a little. So we can say that bodily exercise does profit. Sometimes back I started to exercise and found that it had such great benefit and impact to my body. I thought leaving work tired and going to the gym to work out was going to make me more tired only to realize that it increased my mental alertness, left me refreshed, created good eating habit and made me stronger. It’s been profiting, it’s causing my body to relax and be in good health. Not only that, it has created a balance, spiritual and physical. When your body is weak and tired, it becomes hard to work your spiritual life. Remember when the bible says, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, tired, worn out? If you can get the body strong, the spirit will not work overtime to get the body in tune with it. I have found that my prayer life has increased as the common feeling of always being tired has reduced. I now have the strength to wake up early and pray. This has revived my spiritual life even more. I believe that how you treat your body has away of impacting your spiritual life. It may just be a little thing, but it’s significant. God’s children ought to be in good health resulting from exercise and proper nutrition and not being careless, overweight and sloppy. All this calls for discipline as you set yourself to do things you would not normally do, but because you care about your physical health, you will do it anyway. No one wants to have conditions of heart problems, high blood pressures etc this is why physical exercise reduces the intensity of many illnesses or the risk of developing them. But how, you can start by doing some walking, running, press ups, in other words, exercise.

Did you ever think that bodily exercise does profit? The bible says yes, the willing spirit needs a disciplined body for health, strength and endurance to make it. Blessings Ev

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