A Promise With A Price, Jimmy Olang

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Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD”

There are times when we find ourselves in the midst of some kind of a desert, a sea or a storm. In times as these, we as Christian begin to question God. We ask questions like,” How could you let this happen to me if you love me?” When we are faced with situations like these, there are scriptures from the bible that help us understand God’s plan for our lives.

There are 3 stories in the bible that are different, yet they speak the same truth to us. If you look at the story of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, the story of Abraham, and the story of David, what do they have in common? They are stories of promise, stories of what God promised to do. In Exodus, God had promised to deliver the Israelites. In Abraham’s story, God had told him to leave his land and go to the place where he would show him. He also promised to give him a son. In David’s story, God promised to make him King. The other thing that is common with these stories is that all the promises came at a much later time than what was anticipated by the recipients. Another similarity is that between the promise and the fulfillment of the promise, the recipients endured tough times, temptations, hardships, and at certain times gave up, wanting to look back, or wanting to take short cuts. When the Israelites were in the desert, things were so bad that they said to Moses, “We were better off in Egypt than here. Forget the promised Land and lead us back to Egypt.” When David was anointed King, He was constantly pursued by Saul. He was constantly fleeing and most times weary. When Abraham saw that his promise was not being fulfilled, he got impatient and took a short cut by sleeping with his maid.

Today, God has promised us good things. He has promised to bless us. Jeremiah 29:11 say that “for I know the plans I have for you…” Our Destiny was already ordained by God before we were even born. He says, “before you were born I knew you..” This is the trick though, God never explains the process of how He is going to bless you. He doesn’t explain every step that you will go through, the tough times, the temptations and the hardships. He knows that if He lets you take a glimpse at the process, you will never take a step towards your destiny. If God had told the Israelites that they would wander in the desert for 40 years and struggle the way they did, they would have never left Egypt. If David Knew that he would be a target of Saul, he would have chosen not to be King. If Abraham knew the problems he would face when he left his home, he would have never left. The reason why the Bible calls these men “The warriors of faith” is because no matter what they went through, no matter what the situation was, no matter how bad things were, they only had one thing going for them FAITH. They believed God. They never looked back at where they had come from. Going back was never an option. They realized that it was not by might, not by power, but by His spirit. Today we can learn from these men. God has given us promises. He has plans for us. A lot of times He shows us the promise, but He doesn’t tell us the process. He may have promised you a good job, but He will not let you know that maybe at some point you will have to leave your current place, either voluntarily or otherwise and go through some financial struggles. He may have promised you a ministry, but He won’t let you know that maybe you will suffer some setbacks. He may have promised you a good husband or wife, but He won’t let you know that there are times that things will be so bad between you and your partner, big fights, even break ups. It is up to us to say, “Lord, you promised, and I will stay faithful until it comes to pass. No matter what I go through, no matter how rough it is, no matter how much I want to give up, help me keep the faith“. Paul says, “I have fought a good fight, I have ran the race, I have kept the faith, and now I await the crown.”

No matter what the situation is, we should remember that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Neither death, nor principalities nor trials and tribulations. When he has tried us, we shall come forth as gold. Blessings Jimmy


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    […] A Promise With A Price, Jimmy Olang (magnifyhisword.wordpress.com) […]


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