Pastors Who Don’t Pray Are Not Ready for Action, Pastor Gregg T. Johnson

“Preach the word!” Paul said to Timothy; “Be ready in season and out of season.” It is time spent in prayer, waiting on God, hearing from God, being empowered by God that makes us ready for action.

In Acts 16:16, Paul and Silas, on their way to prayer, were rudely and unexpectedly confronted by a devil. Did they ask the devil to wait while they “prayed about it?” Did they back away because they weren’t “prayed up?” No way. They were ready for action. Prayer was a part of their routine. Prayer was something they had already done and were about to do again. Prayed up? They were always “prayed up.” Without any hesitation or intimidation they exposed that devil and cast it out of that poor, tormented soul.

By contrast, in Mark 9:17-29, the disciples were not ready. Due to a lack of prayer and fasting, they were unable to cast out an evil spirit. As well, in Acts 19:14-16, seven sons of a preacher were equally ill equipped for action. Rather than defeating an evil spirit, the evil spirit defeated them, overpowered them and cast them out of the house—all seven, naked and wounded. Why did they fail? They weren’t ready. They had spent no time with Jesus and therefore had neither the character nor the power of Christ imprinted upon them.

Jesus said tribulation would come. For this reason, He also said, “Men always ought to pray,” and Paul said, “Pray without ceasing.” There is no excuse for the spiritual leader who doesn’t pray. He is no better than a soldier who has gone to battle without a weapon or shield. Victory comes when preparation meets opportunity. The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare! We will hardly know when opportunities, challenges and tribulation are about to befall us. But we are called to be ready. It is only through prayer that our hearts will be readied and our spirits anointed to face those unforeseen trials. Without prayer, we will be tossed about; naked and wounded victims beaten by the enemies for whom we failed to prepare.

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