Reads, Hears, And Keeps, Benjamen Leahey

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Revelation 1:3- “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near”

As I read and as I pray, my thoughts are drawn faithfully to these topics, to the Christians responsibility. It is utter foolishness to doubt God in anyway, He is Faithful and True. But what about us? Are we faithful to Him? Is our heart given over to the Lord? Are we truly seeking God with all our heart? And this is not dead works, but the true desire of my inner being for God alone. Works always follow the one truly born of God, they don’t make you a Christian(see Matthew 7:21-24). John gives us clear teaching here, in line with James 1:22, Romans 2:13. It is not the hearers of the word, nor the readers, but the doers that are just in the sight of God. This brings in the question of our faithfulness, if we claim to be His followers, are we following Him? Are we faithful to Jesus? When confronted, do we testify of Him? We refer to prayer, to the Bible, to many things in front of people, but what about Christ? He is the center of all existence, the source of all things, it is Him alone that can save souls, the Bible doesn’t save people, nor does prayer in themselves, only Christ can. Jesus said the one who keeps His word, it is he that truly loves Him. All else is dead religion. Jesus Christ came into the world to make sinful men and women holy as He is holy, not to just make us better and moral. He came that He might be glorified in and through me as I abandon my life to Him, but I often wonder how many have truly come to Him this way. But this is the only way. I must lose my life if I will gain His.

Friends, the time is near, Jesus is coming. Paul tells us in Ephesians 5:27 who he is coming back for, a bride that is holy and without blemish. Not religious, holy. A bride that walks and talks with Him, and that keeps His word, not when convenient, always. Not on Sundays, everyday. He is coming for a bride that loves Him above all else, not one who compartmentalizes the Son of God and fits Him in between classes and TV if they have time. That is not devotion. True devotion comes when my eyes have been thrown open by the majesty of a holy God, true devotion surrenders entirely that He might be glorified in my life. True devotion adores this precious, beautiful Savior in the manner He deserves, but how many truly know and practice this devotion? John tells us the time is near, Jesus tells us to watch and pray, for we know not the time of His coming, or when we ourselves shall meet Him. Are we ready? We who claim to be Christians, are we walking in the holy, pure, imparted righteousness of Christ? Is Jesus Christ absolutely paramount in your life above all else? Above your spouse, your job, your children, your education, your career? He must be everything. I know my heart is challenged, I pray yours is as well. I pray in these last hours that God would open our eyes to behold the glory of His being, the spotless majesty of His purity. I pray we would all see Him as Isaiah did, that we would be undone before Him, and that we would never be the same again.

May you be found in Him this day, Blessings, Bro. Benjamen

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