A Perfect Christian, Pastor Boaz Olang

Matthew 5:48, “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

Is there such thing as perfect Christian in this world full of temptation, sin, evil and error? Can Christians truly and honestly become perfect? Is perfection attainable in this life? Does God truly and seriously expect or want Christians to be perfect? And if Christians can be perfect, which is the easiest or quickest and sure way to attaining perfection, if it is attainable?

First, let me give you simple definition of the word perfect. It simply means; something or someone without error, mistake, or flaws. When we say that something or someone is perfect, we simply mean that, whatever or whoever we are referring to have no default of any kind. So, now, can we say that Christians are perfect? That they do not have any error? Is it possible for Christians to be without mistakes, error, or flaws? Impossible! If so, then why does the Bible instruct us to be perfect, even as our heavenly Father is perfect? Mathew 5:48. In James 1:4, for instance, The Bible admonishes the believers to be perfect: “But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” Yes, we are required to be perfect! There is no exemption and no excuse. The onus of attaining perfection is on us not on God. We have the responsibility to avoid and get rid of anything from our life which can or has defiled us, rendering us imperfect before God. This we must do every day and consistently. That being the case, what is the easiest way of becoming perfect? Let me answer that by sharing with you a little story

One day, a young boy went to a Sculptor and asked him “Sir, What do you do if you want to curve an elephant from a log of wood?” The Sculptor answered and said “Son, the fastest and easiest way of curving a beautiful and perfect elephant from a log of wood or any piece of wood for that matter, is to chop off anything from the log that does not look like an elephant. When you are done chopping off, you will be left with a perfect curving of an elephant. To make it more beautiful, you must sand it and polish it. It is as simple as such. The only most important thing you must remember is, you must know how true an elephant looks like.” The boy was satisfied with the answer. From then, he believed he could curve a perfect elephant.

What is the moral of the story? If you want to be a perfect Christian, chop off anything and everything from your life that does not look like a Christian. To do this successfully, you must have a perfect picture of a perfect Christian before you to guide you. Where would you find such a Christian? In the Bible; The Bible reveals who a perfect Christian is or should be. The Bible image is the only image you can compare yours with. You cannot compare yourself with yourself or someone else, as standards of perfection. You are not perfect and there is none perfect. Only God is perfect and He alone can make anyone perfect, if they be willing to listen, obey His Word which, alone, is able to make us perfect. The word will show you what to chop off. Keep chopping until you see a perfect Christian merging out of your imperfect and impure life. It may be painful doing so. It may take a long time. But, be determined and patient. “Let Patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect… (James 1:4) God bless you. Blessings Pastor Boaz

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