Submitting To God’s Righteousness, Part 5of10, Evans Olang

Romans 10:3, “For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God”

If you continue to ready 2Samuel 24, youdiscover how God plagued David by killing 70 thousand people, while God sent His Son to this world to die for over 6 billion people. If 70 thousand people had to die for someone to be redeemed, we can conclude the sin was not petty. If a judge is to pass a sentence that requires the offender to pay 70 thousand dollars as his fines, we can conclude it wasn’t a petty crime. Romans 5:8 “God demonstrated his love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us”. Christ was the ultimate sacrifice to pay for the fine for law breakers. If the sacrifice was this great, the law broken must be big. D.L. Moody said, “FOR GOD TO CREATE, HE ONLY HAD TO SPEAK; TO REDEEM, CHRIST HAD TO SUFFER (PLAGUED)”. Quick death is less painful compared to suffering before dying. Christ suffered greatly, crushed before dying and that was His demonstration of His love to us. Isaiah 53:5, “He was wounded for my transgression, He was bruised for my iniquities”. His sacrifice was not a painless death but a painful death and once again, that was the demonstration of His love.

Whipped on the post, a crown of thorns forced on His head, carrying the heavy cross to the mountain, being nailed and the Roman soldier piercing on His side and the greatest of all, the Son drank the cup of wrath given to Him by the Father. The greater news, He came back to life and lives forevermore. The sin was great to make the Son of God to go through all this to make it right. If I want to tell a sinner that God loves him, I will point him to the cross, the demonstration of His love will speak louder than words. The disciples preached the love of God by preaching Christ crucified (sacrifice). See the confession was good but for the things to be made right, the fine posed on the offender had to be paid by someone. It’s like telling a judge that you are sorry and he knows you are but the fact remains that a law has been broken. A sentence has been passed and all that the court needs to clear one is someone paying for the fine or going to jail. The offender can’t afford it because we were not redeemed by silver and gold, someone has to pay it on our behalf or we are heading to jail (hell).

If the unsaved do not see the seriousness of their sin and that they deserve justice, they are not ready to receive Christ crucified to pay for their fine. Finney says, “We can now apprehend God’s method of making sinners personally righteous. First He opens the way, by giving us His Son to honor the law, so that God can come down from heaven and enter into a covenant with the sinner and draw him back to life and love. This is God’s method that Christ is received as the sinner’s righteousness, having borne for him the curse of the law, obeying it perfectly, and then suffering in place of the penalty, which the sinner else must have suffered.” Just like the boy who the father revealed the cost of the vase leading him to a place of repentance, so is the unsaved.

In the past I rushed the unsaved through the gospel robbing them the very means of seeing their true state that they may personally flee to the Savior for redemption. WE BROKE THE LAW AND HE PAID THE FINE, IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT. To continue, Blessings Ev

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