Give Me A Chance, Part 1of3, Evans Olang

1Samuel 17:1-58, “Then he took his staff in his hand; and chose for himself give smooth stones from the brook…”

We often run into people with hidden potentials yet to be discovered. In the entertainment industry, people continue to be discovered because of their talents. I have come across stories of people sharing their humble beginnings. Often times you hear about a struggle involving rejections, written off, words spoken that they were not good enough but later they broke through.

Everyone desires a chance to show what they have within, their talents, abilities, skills, performance, products. A chance to be a boss, husband, wife, teacher, worker etc. People will always cry, “give me a chance to show what I can do”. Don’t we see this in the work force? people see new positions they may not have all the qualifications needed for but they believe in themselves that given a chance, they can do it. A belief that you can offer something and make a difference can push you to desire a chance. Our chance as believers is not to show off, but make God look big in the eyes of men. He is already big let’s not forget that, this is for the people in the world, we need to show them how Big Our God is. 2Chronicles 16:9, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself so strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him”. He has given us a chance to show Him so strong.

There is a big difference between knowing what to do…and doing what you know. Most people know what to do but they cannot propel and believe in God in them to do what they could not do themselves. They have potentials hidden. David and Goliath is a story that reveals some things that are vital in our lives. We know David’s position, he was a shepherd boy who took care of sheep and smelled like one. Though young, he was good at what he did, faithful in his job. An opportunity arose when his father sent him to the battlefield to bring food to his brothers. We see his obedience in obeying his father by doing what he asked him. It’s not indicated if he loved to take care of the sheep when his brothers were soldiers in the army, all we know is that he knew his job pretty well. He was faithful and obedient in doing so. You may not like what you do, but can you be still good at it, faithful and obedient while trusting God to elevate you in due time? I believe God sees our attitude in what we do and if we cannot be content first with where we are, we will not be content when we move to.

1Samuel 17:20, “So David rose in early in the morning… and took the things and went as Jesse (his father) had commanded him”. God was orchestrating David’s ways. He did not know what awaited him. He may have never seen himself beyond being a shepherd boy but his obedient led him to serve his superiors (his brothers) without murmuring or complaining.

When He came to the battle field, he found the battle was a stand still, he left what he brought with the supply keeper, ran to the battle ground to greet his brothers. While there, he hears Goliath sending threats to the Israelites. David had just learnt that no one including the king had the capability of facing this giant. David seeing an opportunity inquired and they rehearsed to him what will happen to any man who can kill Goliath. It’s like hearing, a job description and the benefits. The job is to kill Goliath, benefits are great riches, a hand of king’s daughter in marriage and exemption from taxes. What an opportunity but who is he? what chance does he have? And who will be the hero in the story? Blessings Evans

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