Not Over Until He Says So, Part 2of3, Evans Olang

Mark 5:21-43, “Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?”

The first 4 verses from vs. 21 concentrated on the man with a sick daughter, the next 10 verses takes a turn to concentrate on this woman with the issue of blood. In reading the story, we can conclude that it wasn’t a quick stop, in vs. 35, “While He was still speaking, some came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house who said, “Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?” This is not news this father wanted to hear despite knowing how close his daughter was to dying. Who is to blame for the death of the little girl? Some would blame the woman with the issue of blood, she delayed Jesus from reaching the sick girl. Some would blame Jesus, they would argue that He should have set His priorities straight. The bible says in Isaiah 55:8, “for My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, ” says the Lord”. To you He may have delayed, to Him, He is always on time.

How we perceive and look at things may not be the same way God looks at them. Instead of praying, “Lord see it the way I see it“, we ought to pray, “Lord let me see it Your way. Stick with the Master through it all. This man had hopes when the situation was still bearable until he learnt that his child was no more. People also discouraged him from bothering the Teacher because it was too late according to them. What we call over and finished may not be what God calls it. Here are people who had changed God’s word by putting a period where the Lord was putting a coma. You may have thoughts that He has limited abilities based on what you have heard, you might think this is beyond His league.

Could it be possible that Jesus decided to delay because He wanted to perform a greater miracle beyond just healing? The bigger the miracle, the greater faith. The bible says, “whatever is impossible with man, is possible with God“. Can we say He forgot? A person who is all knowing can never forget. Can we get to that level where we see God as He is and not as we perceive Him to be? Jairus might have only seen Jesus as a healer (where he placed a period) and so were the people who came from his house, however the bible says in John 14:6, “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. In John 1:4, “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men“. I look at life as the ultimate thing that no man can create. God has allowed man to do wonderful things, to create life (and salvation) or restore life from the dead is His job. If Jesus has power to give life, shouldn’t that be an indication to us all that there is nothing impossible with Him? Someone is frustrated because they called on God when their situation was still bearable but nothing happened. Please understand that God is still able, more than able for His ways and His thoughts are not our ways and thoughts. If you have something you trusted Him with but died before He reached them, Remember, it’s not over until He says so.

To someone it may be over, to God it is just a beginning of greater things. Jesus therefore said, Mark 5:36, “…Do not be afraid; only believe“. Jesus took Jairus back to the faith he had when he first approached Him. It is faith that activates the power to do the impossible. God will do His part but you and I have to do our part, have faith. No need to be frustrated with someone else because they received their blessings before you even though you asked of Jesus first. No need to be frustrated with Jesus because He did not come when you called on Him, the bible says, “He has made all things beautiful in His time“. Beautiful things are not disappointing things but joy giving things. Just be glad He has not said it is over and left. Don’t put a period where Jesus put’s a comma. To finish!! Blessings Ev

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