Not Over Until He Says So, Part 1of3, Evans Olang

Mark 5:21-43, “Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?”

In school, sentence punctuation was huge. A sentence can have same wordings, how you punctuate it can change its meaning. I have been misunderstood through emails by the way I punctuated my sentences to an extent that what I meant was not how it was received. With this in mind, God has given us His word, how we punctuate His word will make it sound how we want it to or we choose to stick with what the Author intended for it to be punctuated. Do not put a question mark where God puts a period, and do not put a period where God puts a comma. If there is a period, it is a done deal we can move on to the next thing. If He puts a comma, there is a short pause for there is more to come.

Jesus was doing good as always. He came to seek and to save the lost, on the other hand, He was teaching, providing for His followers and healing those who were sick. On one particular day, He had just healed a demon possessed man and before long there came a man to Him a ruler of synagogue by the name of Jairus. He was a Jew, and if you read different passages, Jesus being a Jew was rejected by His own people for the bible says, “He came to His own but His own received Him not”. Another passage says, “a prophet is not honored and welcomed in His own town”, referring to His people the Jews. What really prompted this man, a ruler to come to Jesus against all odds? We will find out. Mark 5:22-23, “… And when He saw Him, he fell at His feet and begged Him earnestly, saying, “My little daughter lies at the point of death. Come and lay hands on her, that she may be healed“. We see he had a serious emergency, a life at stake, almost lost. Why not ran the girl first to seek treatment elsewhere? Did he not forget that his people always had a problem with Jesus? what would people say if he went to Him? when you are in need, no matter what people think or how you have always been perceived by other people, you will lay a side your pride and ego and look for help. When you know your help can be through a church, what people think will not stop you from getting help there.

When the Master received the message, He started a journey to meet this girl because this man had faith in Jesus to heal his daughter. Now Jesus had a great multitude after Him, even with that He left to rescue. Mark 5:24, “So Jesus went with him, and a great multitude followed Him and thronged Him”. It was like Jairus had called 911 and help was on the way.

The first 4 verses talks about Jesus encountering with Jairus, everything seemed to be going as planned, Jairus must have been excited because the Lord was willing to come, however in vs. 25, the story takes a different turn and begins to focus on someone else referred to as the woman with the issue of blood. She had heard about Jesus, she knew her condition, she was not worthy to be around anyone for she was considered unclean. She had been in her condition for 12 years, she had spent much on worthless physicians and here she hears about the greatest healer and she believed she could be healed too. She reaches out and touches the hem of His garments as she had faith that just touching His attire was enough to get her healed. At that point Jesus stops to find out who touched Him. What do you think must have gone through Jairus mind? what do you think his reaction towards the woman who had stopped Jesus from reaching his daughter in bed dying? What would your reaction be if you called 911 and as the paramedics were coming to your rescue, they stopped somewhere else to help someone? This is an interruption that causes delay that opens doors to frustrations that test your faith as you learn patience and trust. Hope this sentence makes sense to you as it does to me. Think about this situation and connect it with yours as I continue in part 2. Blessings Evans

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