What Are Signs For? Evans Olang

Mark 16:16-18,” … And these signs shall follow them that believe…”

We as believers have been privileged to be part of things the Lord is doing partially because we are His children and He desires to let us in on what He is doing. He may never explain the process but definitely we will know the outcome. Because He is the reason for the outcome, we understand that He is not a man that He should lie neither is He a son of man that He should repent, if He has said it, surely enough, He will do it.

Talking about signs is interesting as signs are to show us directions and give us the condition of a place. There are signs that tell us to slow down, sharp bends, animals around, steep slope, no change of lane, lanes reduced or increased etc. As you can see all these does show us certain things a head of time. This is how the world in the natural operates and at times when we come to God, many times we desire the same; we want to see first before we can follow. We want to be sure of what is a head of us and the signs are a means to build confidence of what to expect, however with God it’s different. If you do not have the signs a head of time, fear may grip you hence affecting even your speed.

Jesus said”…And these signs shall follow them that believe“. Jesus knew that for every believer to operate under His power and on a higher level, the believer has to be brought out of the natural into the supernatural. On the supernatural you do not know how to operate in that setting, God is all you need . This is where if God does not come through for you, there can be nothing good that can happen. If you look at what faith is all about, it’s not about feeling, it’s about trusting. It is also not about knowing but believing. I may not know the way but because, “I know whom I have believed, … I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day”, 2Timothy 1:12. I may not need to see the signs because I might be tempted to follow the signs by myself without God. If I do not know, He will direct me all the way. Something to keep in mind, we don’t settle for signs, you don’t see a sign and then camp around it because you have seen it. Signs point to something bigger, signs are to lead you to a destiny. In this case, signs are to point us to Jesus, they are a means to an end. Remember the wise men who were led by the stars, the stars were the signs. But they did not look at the signs to be fascinated by them or even worship them, the signs were to lead them to this new born baby Jesus, the Messiah. Many are out of line because they run after signs and wonders, running from one meeting to another expecting a zap of some kind. “Signs follow them that believe” , a means to a bigger picture, Jesus Christ. For safety, I would put signs at the bottom, God’s word should be right on top.

Psalms 23:6,Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord”. I believe that there are things we need not to fight or even try to fix them as long as we are doing what the Lord requires of us, because good things will follow us if they are in God’s will for our lives. Remember it does not say we shall follow goodness and mercy but they shall follow us. Isn’t it amazing that we will not only hear what the Lord is doing and can do but be part of what He is going in our lives? Then we need to take away our signs that cause us to walk carefully according to the worlds’ ways and desire to see God do greater things that will blow the mind and the mentality of men. After all, He is able to make away where their seems to be no way and the crooked paths straight. Only believe, all things are possible with God, the signs point to Him. Blessings Ev

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