It Is More Blessed To Give Than Receive, Evans Olang

John 12:24, “…unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain”

Man in general is a selfish being, from Genesis all the way you will see in different instances where man shows how selfish he is. Well we could say that happened in the bible days but let’s look at the world today, we see it again. I would expect that the believers would be exempt, that is not the case, maybe we are all not aspiring to get up there but still we are very selfish in certain areas.

Someone might say those are very harsh words. Think of a number who church to them is about what they can gain out of it, it’s about what God can do for us and always desiring to hear, receive and be ministered to and not ready to give. I’m not talking about finances but give time, help that is needed and more so bring people to the Kingdom who need the same things we desire. We always come for us, I have seen this even with small ministries, folks are trying to find out who is going to be there and what to expect and receive instead of what can I give or what can I do to make this ministry successful. How about worship, many don’t want to because they are waiting for God to give them a spirit of worship. We are the ones who need to worship God, that’s our duty to give Him all the praises and not do it when we feel like.

Jesus shows us what service is before He is betrayed. The bible says that He knew who will betray Him, reject Him but still He served them. He knew that He did not come to receive but came to give and one of his last teachings was “give”. He girded Himself with a towel, went down on His knees and washed His disciples feet regardless of who they were and what He knew of them, read it in John 13.

We have been called to service, we are being raised for a time like this not just to be receivers but givers too. In the text referenced we are told that “unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain“. Already we are seeing the beginning point and that is death as there can be no resurrection without death. The grain of wheat is very small however we are told of it’s significant role when something is done with it. We too as believers yes may be very small in the church and might not be known but the truth of the matter is, we are very significant. Your prayers, presence, support does make a difference because you are significant in the body of Christ. Look at the verse closely, it says unless the grain of wheat referring to only one grain (individual), God calls His people as individuals, He does not call them as a group. We are called to die to self as the grain does need to fall on the dirt and dies. I have learnt that no one can go up unless they go down first simply because those who went to the top without going down tend to be arrogant and prideful in their walks but if you went down and the Lord brought you up, you have every reason to give thanks to Him and cherish the position He has entrusted you with. One has to fall on the ground and die, it’s because when anything falls into the ground, the outward appearance is consumed by the ground and real seed which is on the inside begins to show forth. We have to be stripped of self righteousness and feeling that we are a little bit better and are brought to a place where the ground consumes what we perceive of ourselves and we allow the Lord to transform the inside as what is on the inside is the real deal. This might not happen overnight as when it falls on the ground it remains by itself for a season awaiting to begin to shoot forth from the ground and later produce much grain. I don’t know about you but for me, preparation takes place in the closet and like the seed which is not seen when it begins to go through the process, results is what people see.

Many cannot be effective in reaching others because they are not willing to die to self, they are not willing to sacrifice or give their time, money, talents. I was never anointed to sit on it but utilize it. In fact it’s not for me but for those who are in need. In Luke 6:38, “Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure press down shaken together running over…”, Acts 20:35, “…it’s more blessed to give than receive“. I desire to witness to the lost, encourage, inspire, pray and reach them that need gospel. With our jobs let’s also have the same attitude and not just see what my job will offer me but what I can offer to my job. Let’s have the attitude that we all came to make a difference wherever the Lord places us.

What do you have and what can you give, are you always on the verge of receiving and never give? Pray today that God will teach you how to fall on the ground like the grain seed and also teach you how to die to things that might hinder your step to give. Give your time, talents, gifts, energy, experiences, knowledge, wisdom, love, patience, understanding and the list goes on. Blessings Ev

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