What You Have Is What You Need, Evans Olang

Exodus 4:1-5, “…So the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” He said, “A rod””

God can use you because He has placed something in you to work with. You may not know what it is but it’s there. We all have different gifts and talents given by God. There is something about being together in unity that paves away for gifts and talents to be realized. God allows us to have different measures of gifts when shared, our growth increases. The bible says that we collectively are like a human body that has hands, legs, head etc. They are all working together and not able to function fully without the help of the other. The legs cannot tell the hands “I don’t need you” neither can the mouth tell the eyes that it does not need it. They all have different functions but they all work together. Psalm 133:1, “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”

God calls Moses for a task to deliver the children of Israel out of bondage. He is scared to death and we know why, he had killed an Egyptian and ran away. He was safe and peaceful where he now was. In his prior life, Moses was a prince in the land of Egypt at one time and then later refused to be one when he discovered he was not an Egyptian. A once upon a time prince becomes a killer then a fugitive and here comes God sending him back to where he killed. I believe that at one point in life, God will send some people back to places they came from, not to be part of it again but to be a deliverer to them that perish. When God does send you back to deliver them, you will not go in your own strength or power but His.

It’s not easy to go back to where you have come from when everyone there already knows your history especially if you messed up big time. You are not sure if they will listen to what you have to say or not, but when God sends you. How often do we talk to God about what we think is going to happen, how we will fail and yet He is telling us to just believe. God goes as far as demonstrating what he will do and the question He has for Moses, “What is that in your hand?” Moses’s response, “A rod”. God is the source and He has chosen to use the things that we have as the means to get the job done (a rod). When there is something in your life that you do not think the Lord will use, that is exact thing He will use. Be it your voice, smile, words of encouragement, little help, giving, being there for someone who needs help, a touch, prayers. To you it maybe small and insignificant but to God it is something that He can use. Don’t you ever lose the rod you have in your hand thinking it’s nothing. What you have can work wonders in someone’s life. Let no one cause you to forfeit by telling you that it’s not necessary, if it’s working for you, you need to stick with what is working for you. In fact you ought to be the best in it. You may never know the impact you will be making as you use the rod in your hands. Moses delivered the children of Israel using the same rod which was considered the rod of a shepherd. Pharaoh had a mighty powerful army. God did not send Moses with a backing army, He sent him with a rod of a shepherd and His presence.

If you’ve been waiting for something bigger than what you have before being used, I have news for you, “What you have in your hand is what you need”, your faithfulness in small things will open new channels for greater things. Blessings Ev

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