Gold Tried By Fire, Evans Olang

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Job 13:15, “Though He slay me yet I will trust Him, I will maintain mine own ways before Him”. Job 23:10, “He knows the way that I take, after He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold”.

There are things I tend to battle. I fear conflicts, adversities, rejection, failure. Are you anything like me in this? I don’t like being in positions of not knowing what to do. I get frustrated when I miss seeing something someone else sees and points it out. If they happen frequently, I feel even more frustrated. If I did something the wrong way, it might be costly to make it right.

Let me cover “adversities” today as I believe adversities are good for us. Here are some words related to adversities, hardships, difficulty, danger, harsh conditions, hard times, misfortune. I’m not saying that adversities are nice, they are like medication good for our health if channeled correctly. One preacher said, “Many have never allowed problems to work for them”, it’s working them, destroying them, working against them. Romans 8:28 always come into perspective, it works in good times and bad times. If there was a way to avoid adversities, I would be the first one. Job says, “Though He slay me yet I will trust Him, I will maintain mine own ways before Him”, Job 13:15.  Job did not request for adversities but he faced them and it made Him stronger, it taught him how to trust more, taught how to react, and taught him that God is God and without Him, he is nothing. Adversities taught him to trust and maintain his ways before God. He also says in Job 23:10, “He knows the way that I take, after He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold”. What a bold statement in times of adversities, how many would have complained and cursed God?. Job understood that God knew the way His servants takes and that is the path of purity, faith, trust, humility, confidence in Him and what he is saying is if God can give him grace and strength to go through this test, he will come forth as gold. For gold to be purified and all the other elements taken off, it has to be taken through the fire, why? because gold can survive the fire when the other elements will not. The other elements don’t turn into gold, they get out of the way for gold to be seen.

There are four ways to respond to adversities, you can MAXIMIZE IT, MINIMIZE IT, ADVERTISE IT OR ANALYZE IT. Maximizing it is exaggerating and putting more into it than what is there. Being destroyed by something that hasn’t even happened yet or something that has just started. For example, someone could have a headache, that could be too big in their eyes. The way they talk about it could make it extremely big and impossible to deal with. This is because they are putting more into it than what is already there. Maximizing it is trying to understand it with a lot of why did this happen to me? what did I do wrong? why me? Minimizing it is the attitude of not trying to make a big deal out of it. It looks terrible but it’s not that bad as I thought or suppose. The problem with minimizing, it is trying to cover it up when you need to deal with it. Advertise it is very lethal, you want the whole world to know you are dealing with problems. The way you appear, the way you talk, the way you act is advertising to everyone many times for sympathy. Analyzing it is the best way to deal with it. This is extracting useful information from it and knowing that things don’t just happen. There are things we get ourselves into that bring adversities and we need to learn from those mistakes to avoid repetition. There are things we have no control over and yet there are things that we could learn from. Job did not do anything wrong, the accuser of the brethren approached God and said Job’s reason for serving God was because of what he had. Just to say something, God does not try anyone, He may allow but He is not the author of it. In this case, God allowed Satan to try Job but to a limit. The limit was to take everything that he had but not His life or his wife. God will allow but He will control the thermostat. He will not give us more than we can handle. Job took the time to analyze why he had to go through adversities and he gained useful information that sustained him. He learnt to never put trust in man, you can lose what you have but not God, you can truly know who your friends are, you can maximize the faith inside of you, you can be trusted with something that would kill others, you can learn to serve others better while you are where you are. Instead of us crying, “Lord get me out of this”, our cry should be, “Lord, what can we learn through this?”.

When you and I know that adversities are good for us, we can be like David in 1Samuel 30:6, “…But David strengthened (encouraged) himself in the Lord his God”. David had faced many adversities in 1Samuel 30 and his soldiers were about to stone him yet he took the liberty to encourage and strengthen himself and his soldiers. In the midst of adversities, cry if you must but let it not wear you down, encourage yourself in the Lord. Avoid maximizing, or trying to minimize; stop advertising adversities and start analyzing because you will have the confidence to face it standing on Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose”, Blessings, Ev


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