Perfect Peace, Evans Olang

Isaiah 26:3&4, “3 You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You…”

I have never met anyone who did not crave for peace. The world teaches that peace comes when everything is going the right way, God’s peace can come when everything is going right or wrong.

A few years ago I went through a traumatizing experience that left me gasping for peace. If I was of the world I would have done something stupid, however, the Lord gave me peace, something I had always talked about but never fully experienced. Let us look at different kinds of peace. There is PEACE WITH GOD, this is where when we were once living in sin, we were enemies of God and through His salvation, we made peace with Him. Romans 5:1,” Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,” James 4:4, “…Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God”. If you are not saved, you have no peace with God and you will not have other benefits that come with peace.

There is PEACE OF GOD, the peace that comes from above. This is not even worked from within. If you ever find yourself in a situation that is so bad and you can still be cool about it, that is not your own peace, it’s the peace of God in action. Daniel had the peace of God in the lion’s den and so was David, Elijah and the rest who found themselves in difficult situations but still had the peace of God. Philippians 4:7, “And the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”. This is a type of peace that cannot be defined by man, it can only be experienced. There is nothing on earth that can be used to define, describe or break it down in a way you and I can understand it. During the time I was going through my tough time, God gave me this peace, till today I cannot describe it in words.

The peace we are dealing with today is PEACE IN GOD. The other types of peace we have looked at are for a given period of time when they are really needed, but the peace in God is a continuous peace that every believer should crave. We are told that God will keep him in perfect peace anyone who has His mind stay on Him, why? because He does trust Him. By keeping your mind on Him may not mean coming out of your situation right away but having peace to go through it because you are in perfect peace. It is the type of peace that has no errors, we don’t need to try it and see if it works. We don’t need to order it for 30 days and if it does not work, we can send it back to the manufacturer. I have proven this to be true and so constantly I am living in perfect peace because my mind is on Him. I believe that the more your mind stays on Him, the more you meditate on His Word and the more you think of His goodness and perfections, the more you will be in His peace.

Vs. 4 “Trust in the Lord forever, For in Jehovah, the Lord, is everlasting strength”. Those who have peace in God have no problem trusting Him, not for a season but forever. Because in Him there is everlasting strength. I may not know what you are dealing with that has stolen away your peace and I’m not talking about peace with God, you passed that at the point of salvation. I am talking about the peace of God but stressing on the peace in God. Have you left your mind to wander, worry and get confused? Get your mind back on His word (Him). Mathew 11:28, “Come unto me all ye who labor and are of heavy laden and I will give you rest”. PEACE COMES ABOUT WHEN YOU BEGIN TO REST IN HIM and God is offering us rest today that we may be in that perfect peace. Blessings Ev

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