Faith Flavors We Favor, Boaz Olang

Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever “

The “Faith Flavors We Favor” in Today’s Christianity: How Good and Godly are they? By faith flavors we favor, I mean, for example, denominations, churches, doctrines, teachings, personalities, preachers etc. we favor preaching and practicing the opposite of the true Faith. Faith flavors we favor are a constant confusion for sinners to be won for Christ and for saints to be edified by them (nourished) in the Church of Jesus Christ.

The faith flavors are so many and ubiquitous these days that it’s no longer an easy task to decide what to believe and who to follow or which church or denomination to belong to or follow. Do we really need all the numerous and confusing faith flavors in order to know God? I mean the flavors, most of which are, made out of our own recipes? It seems like the original Christian message recipe has been changed to something more appealing to human appetite and sensation but certainly not godly. We have a lot of people and churches who, even though they confess Christ and are in ministry, have a form of godliness and they deny the power of God. Should true believers be part of such?

Who changed the Gospel recipe anyway? Has it ever been necessary, advisable or permissible to change the original faith recipe which was formulated, established, practiced and proclaimed first, by Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith and then by the Apostles and also by great men and women of the Faith who have stuck to the original Gospel message which is the only “faith flavor” found in the Bible? Isn’t the Bible God’s absolute, authentic, and infallible recipe for Salvation of all mankind from original sin and all sinfulness and evil in the world today? Why so much deviation?

The today’s “faith flavors we favor” seems desirable, delightful and delicious to many but, are they divine? What about purity: Are they pure? Are they safe? Are they humanly engineered or God ordained? Are the “faith flavors we favor” preachers and crusaders motivated by their own personal agenda or are they obeying the Lord’s commission to preach the only one acceptable and holy flavor of faith: faith in Christ Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit as the only way to be reconciled to God in order to escape eternal damnation in hell and live eternally with God in Heaven?

Why is Christianity today so powerless, confusing and corrupt? Christianity cannot be powerful and pure if its message is impure. When the Gospel is corrupted by human theology, ideology, philosophy, mythology, belief, and worldliness etc., Christianity and the Church can no longer remain pure. Hence, Christianity ceases to be truly Christianity birthing Christ’s Church, because God is holy and pure and cannot be associated with evil, corruption and unrighteousness.

Christianity should not come in many flavors and be preferred like flavored Ice Cream; true Christianity comes in one flavor and teaches that taking up individual Cross and following the Christ of the Cross who is also the founder and defender of the Christian faith is the only option for experiencing true Christianity. Such experience follows salvation by faith. For by grace are ye saved through faith, and not by your own righteousness earned by good works or by obedience to the Law. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and Christianity which He founded is the same, too, yesterday, today and forever. Which flavor or whose flavor would you rather have? What flavor are you offering? Think about these things. Don’t’ be fooled, coned or manipulated into believing and following man-made church, religion, or philosophy. Follow Christ. God bless! By Boaz

6 thoughts on “Faith Flavors We Favor, Boaz Olang”

  1. Hi, thanks for your thoughts. My impression is that these faith flavours originate through the insecurity of the preacher. The resolution comes through our security in Christ. I was visiting Latvia recently and a young believer told me that each time he went to a different church he was told that this church was the only one with the right way to God. He was quite confused. It seems like the various church leaders were unable to comprehend that Jesus is bigger than their local church, or their theology. They are left making themselves the answer, and through insecurity setting themselves up as the ideal. This is a dangerous place! Thankfully our Lord and saviour really is the saviour of His church. Though people suffer through such insecurity, hopefully there are those who are thrown back to the Scriptures to discover what is really true.


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