I Am Not Where I Was, Part 1of2, Evans Olang

Matthew 9:20-22, “And suddenly, a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years came from behind and touched the hem of His garment”

While many look forward to the New Year, a number make resolutions for the New Year only to fail early due to human efforts. Instead of making resolutions, I prefer making declarations for the New Year. I commit these declarations to God knowing they are possible through Him. What amazes me about starting the New Year is the fact that we are all anticipating a victorious, glorious year. You hear it said or even preached that “this New Year is going to be a greater than the previous year”, that’s not always the case. Ask yourself, was the previous year more great than the year before that? If we were to evaluate each year and be honest with ourselves, some would say nothing or very little has changed. If anything, things may have become worse compared to the previous years. You then have great expectations for the New Year, only to discover dealing with the same issues you dealt with in the previous year. Very discouraging but not hopeless.

We are all familiar with the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Her name is not given to us for it is not important to the revelation of the text, however the bible takes time to tell us of her condition of 12 years. Like some of us, perhaps each year she expected her condition to get better but each time it got worse. She was losing blood every year, she tried to do all she could to improve her condition, not even once in those years did it happen. Mark 5:26, says she “… had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was not better, but rather grew worse”. I am not sure if she looked forward to a New Year, I would not if I was in her condition especially for many years and growing worse. She tried it all, spent it all, worked it all to get better in vain. It is not a surprise if I heard that somebody spent money on books, programs, counselors and the like to get things better in their marriage, raising children, finances, breaking out of a habit and more and still found that none of those worked. So what happens, should you fall back on what you dealt with the previous year and see the same happening in this new year? Every good thing she would have loved in her life could not take place because of her condition.

Anyone with an issue of blood cannot get pregnant, they cannot hold what they should hold. You were considered unclean if you had an issue of blood. There could be no fellowship or relationship for that matter. If you have an issue, chances are, you cannot hold fellowship, relationships, the word of God, prayers, witnessing, enthusiasm for the things of God the way you want to because you are bleeding. Things that would get you pregnant with destiny are aborted before time leaving you frustrated year after year. You try to do your best only to find that you are not going anywhere, if anything your condition is getting worse. Can we carry the same issues again in this New Year? I do n’t think so. I do not want to deal with the same issues I dealt with in last year in this New Year, this is a year with new beginnings. Last year is gone, we are committing the new year in the hands of God. The enemy of our soul knows where we are today, however I want us to service him with a notice, “do not look for us in the same place tomorrow, we have moved, God is radically changing the course of our destiny”. I leave us with this question, before we try and get pregnant with destiny (hopes and dreams of growth and blessings etc.), do we have issues of blood to deal with? To continue Blessings, Ev,

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