The Life of Faith: Living by Faith, Benjamen Leahey

Romans 1:17, “For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.””

This morning I would like to share with you some thoughts about faith. In modern religious thought, faith has been largely defined as some sort of mystical feeling or emotion. But faith in its true, biblical sense, is the very attitude that the Christian comes to live by. It is the ground of belief, it is a conviction of the heart, a firm statement of truth from within, one that overtakes all other thought and tramples all doubt.

True faith birthed in the heart is as Paul states in 2Timothy 1:12-”I know Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able..” The key here lies in where this faith is directed. Paul was a man before his conversion who had faith, he had faith in the law, the outward principles and statutes that he believed made him righteous before God. He had faith in his works, he believed what he was doing was right, though it was not. He was convinced at that time, until he met Jesus. Upon that encounter, the previous faith he held crumbled. You see, in order for one to truly have put faith in Jesus Christ, they must cease to have faith in everything else. There must be a renunciation of the former things, and a reception, by faith, of the new.

Modern Christianity has abandoned and twisted the teaching of true regeneration and the new life found in Christ through the new birth, the very impartation of the righteousness of Christ that brings about the change observed in Paul’s life. Fundamentalist teaching has relegated the new birth to the earthly realm, encouraging those who would become “almost” Christians to merely agree to some scripted lines they have selected, and through this they claim you are born again. So in essence, you have placed your faith into the words of a man, who assures you that you have been saved, much like Paul before he encountered Jesus, who trusted in the law, without the true work of the Holy Spirit within his heart.

God is calling all to true faith, a faith that is birthed in our hearts, a faith that brings about change, a faith that destroys the love of worldly things and creates within us new desires. It is a faith which purifies the heart from all pride, anger, worldly love, lust, and every evil thing. A faith which causes one to flee from all evil, even that which would have the appearance of sin. A faith that births love, a love for God above all else and a love for our neighbor as ourselves. A faith that draws us to willingly enter into the death of our Lord, for so he has commanded us. A faith that brings a desire to tell others of the wonderful redemption Christ has wrought for all mankind upon the cross of Calvary. It is a faith that causes us to say, “O Lord, in all the earth there is none but Thee.” It is a faith that is synonymous with obedience, for the one having this faith gladly obeys God’s holy word, and they gladly read His word, to know His ways, they gladly pray, that they may gaze upon the face of their Beloved, being changed into His image from glory to glory. So this morning, have you this faith? Has the love of God been shed abroad in your heart? Have you renounced all else and placed your life fully in God? Will your “faith” stand?

In the love of Christ our Savior, Brother Benjamen

7 thoughts on “The Life of Faith: Living by Faith, Benjamen Leahey”

  1. Excellent conviction on faith. What I want to understand is blind faith. This is what I struggle not on God but on the teaching of the church.


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