Don’t Move While Jesus Wants You To Tarry, Pastor Phil Sessa

Luke 2:41-52 “And when they had fulfilled the days, as they returned, the child Jesus tarried (stayed behind) behind in Jerusalem, and Joseph and Mary knew it not.” (Luke 2:43 – Key Verse) Context (Check it out first)

Fulfilled The Days: They had all abided by the law, the tradition and fulfilled this aspect of its requirements, in light of Passover. The Passover is the Jewish remembrance of slavery in Egypt and how the death angel passed over Hebrew’s shelter with the blood on the door posts. Here they (Mary and Joseph) momentarily, one whole day, the One in whom would apply His blood to the doorposts of their hearts. Then the death angel upon visiting would be attracted to death, but rather repelled because he’d discover the gift of God is eternal life.

The Child Jesus Tarried: Jesus stayed behind to talk to the teachers of that day. His parents were “on schedule” to return as tradition would normally have it, but Jesus “broke tradition” and saw that there was still unfinished business to be fulfilled. How fitting it was for Him to later say, “Didn’t you know, I must be about my Father’s business.” Yes, Passover was abided by, but God had further purposes while they were in town. Jesus often tarries while we want to get a move on. His time frame of eternity doesn’t have our time schedules of course, because we have places to go and things to do. Remember though Jesus at that time was “restrained” by time, the difference was that he kept eternity in mind. Do you know that if you are a true follower of Christ you are living eternally right now, and don’t have to wait for this “life everlasting” thing to kick in at time of death?. We may not have that new spiritual body yet that many are waiting for because their current one is in “need of various repairs,” but nevertheless you are living eternally right now if you are a Christian.

And how often we rush, when Jesus wants us to tarry with Him. Didn’t Mary in the gospels choose wisely to sit at Christ’s feet, while Martha was running around serving Jesus like any good host would, but not at that time. There is a time for everything (Eccl. 3) but when Jesus says sit, rest, tarry, the time is spoken for by the Creator of time itself. But do you actually obey Him in that?

Mary and Joseph knew it not: They were His parents, He was their Son, and they just got up and left their son. We don’t know whether Jesus’ other brothers and sisters had arrived in the family yet, to which Joseph would be their biological father. They waited a whole day (v. 46) assuming Jesus was with them when He was not. Their 12 year old Son was “God knows where” (no pun intended) and they were clueless, oblivious, and ignorant for that time.

Have you ever began to move and realized Christ was not “with you?” Sinners do it daily, move and live without Christ. But, what about you? If you claim to be a Christian, take a self-check examination, and ask yourself; Is Jesus with me in my journeys, my plans, my ideas, my hopes, my dreams, my relationships, my ministry, my job, my family, etc…? Think about it, don’t move while Jesus wants you to tarry. Blessings Pastor Phil

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