Return On The Investment, by Evans Olang

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Ecclesiastes 11:1-8, “1 Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find in after many days”

Investment is the act of laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit. I know little about investments and with the little understanding; I will use the concept of investment to share the word of God. Companies invest in other companies and so do people also invest in companies. I am yet to meet someone who is investing without any expectation of a profit. Not only is the investment done on just any company, but you look at the ones which will give you a better return, for you cannot expect to invest the same amount and get the same in return. Whatever you invest is also used to do business and so is what you save. There are earnings, profits, interest that you expect in the long run.

Whenever people invest, there are a lot of risks that go with it and therefore some people tend to spread their investments around so that incase one enterprise begins to loose, they still have other investments somewhere to balance or even out what was invested in this enterprise. Christians ought to be people who invest not only on stocks and bonds but investing in people, relationships, community, church, work. If you invest little, expect little in return; invest much, expect much in return. You invest in one person, he or she will invest in another and it goes on and on. Many don’t want to invest in other people because they feel that investing in them will rob them of what they have. There are some bosses who will not invest in their employees because in the long run their positions may be threatened by someone they invested in. Paul invested in Timothy so was Elijah who invested in Elisha and if you look at these people who did invest, they got a greater return on the investments they made.

Ecclesiastes aka the book of the preacher 11:1 says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find in after many days“. This to indicate the principle of investing that which is precious to you upon the waters. I was wondering the significance of water here and I have come to realize that water takes any form in whichever place it is poured. You pour it in a cup, it will take the cylindrical shape, you have it the river, and it will take that form. Water does not have any color but it’s very essential to human survival and many things need water to become something. They say the world is covered with more water than land. Cast thy bread upon the waters, you do not know how far it will go, who will benefit from it, and when you will receive something in return but the bible is clear when it ways, “You will find it after many days“, this will require expectation, patience, watching till you have received it again but I would rather continue investing even more. It may not come back through the same means but it will come back. Ecclesiastes 11:3, “If the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth; and if a tree falls… in the place where the tree falls, there is shall lie“. If we all wait to see the signs to do anything, we will not go anywhere, If we also wait to be sure of what we will receive back before we can move, certain opportunities will pass us by. Ecclesiastes, 11:4, “He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap“. I am not a risk taker, at times I want to be sure that if I do this and that, I should be fine or I want to wait for a sign or want to be sure that I am fully prepared and ready to move. I have come to learn that there are certain things that you get ready as you are doing them. God will not first invest in me to be a leader to use me in leadership, it’s in the process of being a leader that He invests in me more to accomplish the work He has called me to do. Don’t waste time hoping that you will fully be ready before you can get into a ministry, or thinking that you have to be perfect before you step into a relationship, marriage, have children for those who are married, more will be invested in you as you are casting your bread upon the waters. INVESTMENTS ARE FOR THE RISK TAKERS NOT FOR THE SURE INDIVIDUALS.

Invest quality time with your spouse, invest love, invest complements in your friends, invest hope, invest confidence, invest teachings, and invest values and morals. Take different people and invest in them, take advantage of what is being offered to you and do as many investments as you can. Your return on investment could mean someone else also investing in you. People don’t wait till they have too much to invest, they take the little they have and they invest it anyway. Be wise and invest on your future home, invest in the children you haven’t seen yet, live like this was it and also live like there is tomorrow. There is a great return on the investments if you invest wisely, purposefully, spread it around for you will find it after many days. Blessings Ev


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