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Psalm 68:19, “Blessed be the Lord our God who daily loads us with benefits”

Our God is awesome; He does things more than once in our lives, daily He does them. The bible says “His mercies are new every morning”. He does not give us yesterday’s mercies. He knows what we need today and that’s why He tells us not to worry about tomorrow in Matthew 6. If He can be trusted to take care of us today, He can be trusted to take care of us tomorrow. He is our source and our provider, all He desires is that we stay connected.

Let me use computers as an example in putting this message together. If you bought a computer, it will not function effectively until some apps/software programs are loaded in it. It’s not designed to work without apps/software programs. Each starting with Windows, to Microsoft office and other vital software come in handy when what you are doing will need such kind of software to do your work effectively. Without proper software, you cannot accomplish much even if you are skilled and knew your way around. For database, Access will be loaded; for Math and spreadsheets, Excel will come in handy; for letter writing and spell check, Word will be needed and so on and so forth. God does the same with us daily, He knows what kind of software we need for each day and He loads us with them to function effectively.

Note how the verse above begins, “Blessed be the Lord our God”, which actually means that He is a blessed God who has every kind of software (blessings, good things) we could ever need for this day and always. Psalm 103:2, “Bless the Lord of my soul and forget not His benefits”. A number of Christians do not know that God has benefits He wants to bestow upon His children and so they don’t believe asking God for them will work. They believe salvation is the end, Psalm 103 tells us salvation comes with benefits package. When you apply for a job, you care to know if there are benefits that come with the job package. So even with us Christians, there are benefits that come with salvation; all we need to do is know what they are. We don’t get saved for benefits, it is while we are serving Him He loads us, lavish us with them. As you read Psalms 103:3 and verses that follows, you see that forgiveness, healing, redemption from destruction, crowned with loving kindness, tender mercies, mouths satisfied with good things, renewal of our youths, execution of righteousness etc. are some of the benefits (software programs) God bestows upon us to function effectively.

Don’t you ever forget that the Lord daily loads us with benefits. If you need the software for peace today, He will load you with it. Software for grace, healing, comfort, encouragement, understanding, love, joy, favor, desires, money, whatever it is, He will load you with them as His child. Therefore reboot your computer and get in tune with Him. He will take out the corrupted files; delete temp files (baggages) that slow you down. He will check for viruses (fear, doubt, anger, frustrations etc.) that cripple you and hinder the software (good things from Him) from working effectively in your life. And let Him begin the process of loading you with His benefits. Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”, Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”, Psalm 23:6, “surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life”, Psalm 37:23, “the good steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. Load me Lord today and always” Blessings Ev


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    […] Load Me Lord, by Evans Olang (magnifyhisword.wordpress.com) […]


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