Impotent Made Important, Evans Olang

John 5:1-11, “The impotent man answered Him, Sir, I have no man, when the troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming another steps down before me”

Allow me to take something in the natural to address a something supernatural. Pictures speak louder, clearer and harder to forget. No wonder Jesus used the natural to make a point so that His listeners would learn something and retain it. To put this message together, I thought of using a spinal cord.

The question that first comes into mind is what is a spinal cord, it’s function and its importance? Spinal cord is part of the nervous system cordlike structures which are made up of nerve fibers. They are the nerves that carry most of the messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. We can tell that it’s a communication system of the body which includes sensory, motor and autonomic functions. Whoever has spinal injury is always left paralyzed from the waist down or even from neck down. This would mean command is there but the communication is missing hence leading to loss of motion or feeling in the lower parts of the body especially on the legs. It looks and sounds small but very vital.

It’s hard to tell what the man in the scriptures had, however we can speculate he had some disorder maybe that of spinal that left him impotent. He could think, reason, and know the season when the water was troubled but his condition would not allow him to move. There was a command but no communication, and that left him in his condition for many years. He gambled with his life hoping that one day he would make it into the pool when water was troubled, however for 38 years nothing happened and year after year he was in the same place.

Do you like me sometime find yourself in places and situations for too long? Many times I want to move, I send commands to move but the communication to that part is missing. Paul says, “The things I should do I don’t do, but the things I shouldn’t do are the ones I do” (paraphrased). This is being impotent, wanting to be free from certain things of the world. You promise yourself that next time you will rise but the command is not sending the message to the legs to move and change locations, how frustrating. What happens when you have waited for too long and nothing is happening? Discouragement comes in and before long if nothing completely happens one gets numb to the situation.

However long you have been in a situation like this, there is still hope. There is hope for the hopeless; there is no need to fear. When all hope is gone, Christ will be there. When you can’t reach Him, He will find and reach you by the pool where you are waiting for the water to be troubled (miracle). The impotence can be made important because the Lord is not done with you yet. What has been carrying you will be the thing that you will carry when it’s said and done. He can restore that spine and the communication will respond to the command again. That is why I thank God for prayers, for prayer is a means of restoration, bringing back to life that which stopped functioning effectively. When I pray, my faith is boosted to attempt the impossible, resist sin, make wise moves and be responsible. This causes me be an asset rather than a liability. Prayer is the communication that activates God’s commands in a situation, Psalms 37:23, “The steps (goes with legs) of a good man are ordered (commanded) by the Lord, and He delights in his way,”. I can now see that when I have that communication, the commands from Him will reach my legs and cause me to move. Those who have no prayer life have spinal injury and need healing. It may look small and insignificant but check again. Without a prayer life, one becomes impotent sitting in place forever. You could do greater things when you have communication through prayer, Mark 11:24, “…whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them”. The command (from God) is always there, all you and I need is that communication (prayer) restored that our impotent prayer life can be made important. Blessings Ev

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