Keep Lifting Your Hands, Part 1of2, by Evans Olang

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Exodus 17:1-16, “And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.

We constantly battle our way to greater levels with God. Walking with Christ is not easy for there is a price to be paid. You’ve heard me say that salvation is free but living for Christ and being anointed will cost you. Jesus tells us to die to self, pick up our cross and follow Him. The cross is not that easy to carry, and the journey is not easy but knowing that He is there to guide and lead us gives us the confidence to believe that we will make it.

The children of Israel were led out of the land of Egypt to be brought to the land of Canaan, a land known to be flowing with milk and honey. They are not flown into the land, but they are led through the wilderness that they may be brought to the land. The wilderness becomes a training ground for them for this is where their faith is tried, this is where they are faced with challenges and now they have to decide who to look to for help, this is also the place where they constantly remind their leaders of where they came from. As many complained through this journey, there are those who feared the Lord and were willing to trust Him through the journey. In Exodus 17:1, the word says that the children of Israel journeyed from the wilderness of sin and pitched in Rephidim. The Israelites were nomadic people always on the move. They would walk and when they got tired, they would pitch a tent and rest for a while. I’m amazed that as many complained and always compared their situation to that of Egypt, none left to go back to Egypt and I believe the reason could be they would never make it far back without God. Remember that they had walked many years without their clothes getting old and their shoes were not wearing out. They had been blessed all through, they did not see it because they did not put it into consideration that they were favored. It’s very easy to dismiss the truth about how God has blessed you and it could be because you were waiting for a certain blessing that hasn’t materialize yet but if you look again in your life, you will come to realize that God has done so much that you cannot tell it all.

Someone wrote a song and said, “Count your blessings one by one”, “He has done so much for me that I cannot tell it all”. Go places, watch other countries on TV where people are going without and you will understand that you and I have been cared for, blessed beyond what we could imagine or think. When the Israelites needed food, God provided; when they cried for water, God provided; when they faced an enemy, God fought for them. God went before them by day as a cloud of wind and by night as a pillar of fire. They had God in everything they needed but they still complained. Sounds like something you deal with? blessings Ev



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