Seize The Moment, by Evans Olang

Luke 18:35-43, “… And he cried out saying, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

In order to receive blessings, we need to be at a place where the Master can meet us. The Master has a way of meeting us in our weakest, blinded, confusing times. He knows without Him we can do nothing. It troubles me when someone or some people ask me to pray for a need in their lives they themselves are not burdened to do something about. In other words, they are not fervently, effectively praying to God themselves. I believe God wants to hear from those in need first and are in a position to do so as others rally behind them in prayers.

The story in the book of Luke gives us a clear picture of a blind man’s life, we are not told of his name, only his condition. He was sitting by the roadside where many people passed by. This must have been his usual place for begging every day. Ever found yourself many times in one place not moving any more with things you desired God to deal with? The fact was he was blind, incapable of doing anything but beg. How many times have you felt the same, begging people to be affirmed, hoping someone will say something nice to you, begging for recognition, hoping for attention?. Jesus was on His way to Jericho when the blind man heard some noise, he began to inquire on what was going on. That’s when they told him that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was passing by. Multitudes had passed by this place but there was something about Jesus that caused him to stop and think for a minute. I believe he had heard the miracles Jesus had performed and nothing was going to stop him from seeking a miracle for himself. He turned and called on Jesus, he said, “son of David have mercy upon me”. While everyone was trying to silence him, he cried the most. Is this not the same picture of a blind sinner calling on the Savior to save him because he has heard He is passing by?. That Christ has availed Himself to those He wants to save and by His faith they call on Him. The bible says, “faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God”.

When you know your miracle is around the corner, no one can pull you down when your time to rise up and receive has come. No one will have a greater burden for your situation but you. People may fail you but not God. People, situations and opinions may try and cause you to forfeit the blessings but that is the time you need to cry the most. Seize the moment, exercise faith, call on Him, let your voice go beyond all the obstacles, stop Jesus on His tracks for a touch.

Thanks be to God, the blind man’s cry never went unnoticed despite the multitude. Jesus commanded the people who tried to keep him down to bring him over to Him. When you pray, God uses your obstacles to bring you closer to Him. Jesus asked,What do you want me to do for you?“. In as much as Jesus knows your needs, He still desires to hear you mention them to Him. The blind man said, “Lord that I may receive my sight”, he was specific, be specific in your prayers. I love the way Jesus does it, He says, “receive your sight; your faith has made you well“. Have Faith in God, do not let the Master’s opportunity pass you by this day, SEIZE THE MOMENT. Read the passage in Luke 18:35-43 to strengthen what I have mentioned. I could break it down line by line but that could take pages of emails. I pray that this morning you will be blessed and encouraged as you go for all that the Lord has in store for you. Mark 11:24, “Therefore I say unto you, what thingsoever you desire when you pray, believe you have them and you shall receive them” Blessings Ev

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