Receiving Your Desires, Part 1of4, by Pastor Phil Sessa

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Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shall you dwell in the land, and verily you shall be fed.”

We all want certain things in life. What are the things you dream most of obtaining in this life? Are your dreams material things or immaterial things? Do they fulfill a need or greed in your life? Are they only about yourself, or are your desires centered on providing for or helping others? Is your dreams family oriented and godly centered?

David tells us in Psalm 37:3 that one of the first steps to receiving your desires is to “Trust in the Lord and do good.” The Trust Factor is something everyone exhibits on a daily basis. There are surely those that are less trusting, but I don’t believe that there are any that are non – trusting. Are you sitting down as you read this devotion? If so then you are trusting in a chair to hold your weight up. Did you drink coffee, tea, orange juice or some other beverage this morning? If so then you trusted that those who made your beverage didn’t poison it. Thank God! To trust God is like sitting in a chair, believing that the chair manufacturer made the chair with a promise to hold you up as you sit it. The Promises of my Life’s Manufacturer, the Lord Himself, are 100% true. Now I have seen people sit on chairs and the chairs have broken in the process. However, I have never seen any one of my Heavenly Fathers Promises broken. Why, because He who promised is true. How is your trust level, do you trust God?

Secondly, David tells usdo good.” Doing good are doing those things that please the God you trust in. We shouldn’t just pray for a job, we need to also fill out applications. One shouldn’t only pray to know God’s will, but also read His Word where His Will is revealed. God doesn’t throw worms in the mouths (beaks) of birds, but as they are searching He makes sure they find them. Not everything you deem as good will God merit as good and His perspective is always true. What good are you doing at this time in your life?

Thirdly, “Be fed.” As you trust in the Lord and do good, God promises, “You shall be fed.” Fed what? God will meet your needs according to His great and precious promises. God will feed you with the substance of His Word as you do good to read it. Jesus said, “… man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” He Promises to also fill us with His Holy Spirit as we stay away from being filled by ungodly things. Everything God makes God fills. He made the waters and filled is with marine life; He made the earth and filled it with plant life, animals and humanity. He fed Elijah by ravens, and He will feed you by His good Hand as well. Only go Him for your daily bread and everlasting water.

Trust Him today, do good as you are trusting, and be fed by the Hand of the Master. To be continued…

Until the nets are filled…Blessings, Pastor Phil <><



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